Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Cassie's Journal - March 11, 2017

I so need to stop making comments about Mother Nature!

We woke up to sub-freezing temperatures and light snow this morning, and while doing that with Michael was fun; needing to bundle up for the walk to the Inn once we were ready to go there wasn’t at all fun.  Shoveling the steps and sidewalks in that cold wasn’t fun for Michael either; though we didn’t have a lot of snow – just enough that it needed to be done.

The snow did affect my day quite a bit today.  The breakfast rush was light because people were too busy doing other things instead.  Our chores today after I got home were all indoors because the snow kept us from doing anything outside.  My afternoon play time included a bit of snow play with Michael, the twins, Naomi, and Aiden.  My brother and sister also have their besties spending the night because they didn’t get to do that for the start of March Break yesterday, but I’m not doing that with Michael, Rowen, and Tim because Rowen and Tim are busy tonight; and Michael and I need to catch up on our sleep. ;^)

You might be guessing by now that we could be tired after staying awake late last night, and you’d be right; but no details are required here for the make-out time I had with Michael last night – other than that I did go with the self-healing and time phase plan.  We also had a nice long visit with the twins after they got home – and while Mom and Dad went to bed because they were tired out from a day of work, driving, and the party with a bunch of little kids to keep up with at the Malloys.

While I’m thinking about being away from home, I should have mentioned that Violet and Dillon are in Woodvale for the weekend – and until Tuesday morning.  They’ll be here for the rest of their Spring Break after that; but they’ll also be busy with work and wedding-related activities while they’re here; so I don’t expect to spend much time with them.  They apparently got to Woodvale in time to catch the tail-end of Martin’s birthday party; and they were allowed to crash it despite the fact that they aren’t teens anymore and will soon be an old married couple.

Moving along, we only got maybe an inch of snow – and probably not even quite that much; but that was enough for a bit of a snowball fight as part of that afternoon play time.  We also played indoors after warming up with hot chocolate and snacks; and then Michael and I needed to get ready for the dinner shift.  The Inn was busier tonight thanks to March Break visitors and family that is home for the weekend or the entire week; so Michael and I were kept busy until we were set free after the main dinner rush was finished.  Michael came home with me; we watched two movies with Ethan, Ehlana, Naomi, and Aiden; and then Michael went home after we took care of getting the kids tucked in for the night.  Mom and Dad worked in the office while we did that; since Dad needs to finish getting ready for his week in the city; and has a lot to get done before heading to Crystal Springs on Monday morning.

I was tempted to keep Michael again, but we’re working the full shift at the Inn tomorrow; Miranda is short-handed while some of her teens and parents are away for the holiday; and we’ll be in for a very long, tough day.  We do have next week off, though; so maybe we’ll make up for this with a teen sleepover or two while we’re getting the break from our normal weekday schedule.  Since Michael left, I had a quick bedtime chat with Mom and Dad; came up to my room; and opted for some Jacuzzi time without doing any multi-tasking.  I used a time phase to speed that up while still having time for a long soak; stayed in the time phase while drying my hair; and now I’ll still be sleeping by shortly before or after midnight – depending on how long it takes me to drop off into dreamland.

There isn’t anything to add to this update, but while I’ve done more work than anything else for our first day of March Break; we’ve mostly had fun too – even if that isn’t the kind of fun that ranks very high on the best-ever kind of scale.  I really do need the sleep now, though, and don’t need to ramble on about nothing; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!