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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Cassie's Journal - March 18, 2017

Following my last update, our movie night was a lot of fun, and we – Ethan, Ehlana, and I – surprised the guys with a Star Wars movie night that included the two new movies that we picked up in Crystal Springs.  Before I continue, I’ll remind you that my daily ending line for my journal was picked because Michael is a big fan of Star Wars and Star Trek, so while I do like the movies too; I’m not a mega-fan.  Nobody would believe that around here, since my photographic memory does allow me to remember all of those little details that make for a great trivia geek; but it is true.  I say that only because I might be considered a heretic in the Star Wars universe for suggesting that I liked Rogue One better than I liked The Force Awakens – aka Star Wars Episode Seven.  I don’t want to bother going into movie details and write a review for each show, and if you’re that interested; watch both of them – if that isn’t something that every kid and teen has done in your ‘now’ anyway; and make your own choices about which movies you liked best!

Moving along, we didn’t start those shows until Michael joined us, so Tim, Ethan, and Aiden did some video gaming first; Rowen and I had some play time with Ehlana and Naomi that included getting their nails and hair done; and then we cuddled in couples for the next four hours or so and enjoyed our immersion into the Star Wars universe.  That made for a very late night for us by the time the kids were put to bed – and yes; Naomi did try for another sofa sleepover with Ethan that didn’t work at all but did earn a lot of laughs.  Michael and I didn’t have a sofa sleepover either, but we did have a bit of alone time to say goodnight while we split up and did the dishes clean-up in the kitchen while Rowen and Tim took care of straightening up the lounge – and saying goodnight to each other too.

Michael and I had a too-early wake-up call for work, but we did get up on time and were at the Inn five minutes early while Rowen, Tim, and the kids slept on for another hour or more – depending on whether they got up for Tai Chi or not.  It was cold out again – near to freezing; but it warmed up into the low sixties later today; so it was a decent day for having some outdoor play time after lunch.  I had fun working the dining room with Miranda; that kicked up a few notches when Rowen and Tim brought the kids with them for breakfast; and I almost made enough with that breakfast shift and tips to pay for their meals!  That didn’t work out for me very well financially; but the smiles, hugs, and kisses were enough of a compensation for the work and expense.  Rowen and Tim timed their breakfast so that I could take over the babysitting with the twins and their besties; they went on to work at the store and shop respectively after that; and I went home with the kids after that – and got to work on the chores.

I had four junior helpers for that work; we had some Magi play time while doing that; and then we had an easy-meal lunch before going out to play for the afternoon.  Michael joined us during his afternoon break; we biked the trails and played at the playground; and then we dropped the four kids off with Naomi’s father when it was time for us to get ready for work and go to the Inn for the dinner shift.  Mr. Seager wasn’t watching all four kids – plus Eli – for very long; but he did take care of Ethan and Aiden until Aiden’s mother or father could pick them up once they were done at the bakery for the day.  I didn’t need to work until close today, so Michael and I only worked for about four hours of that dinner-to-close part of the day.  We were really busy because of the extra March Break business, but that mostly just made the time go by faster.  When we were done, we collected all four kids again from the Seager and Draper houses; headed home; and had another movie night.

This time, it was a Harry Potter themed evening; and the feature film was Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – another new purchase that we picked up on Friday.  We all liked this movie a lot, and the one thing I will say about it is that I enjoyed the storyline more for this movie because there wasn’t a book version of the story first to compare it to – or be disappointed when things were changed from ‘the original’ version of the story.  All of those movies are long, so we couldn’t exactly watch all of them – right? ;^)

Okay, we didn’t really watch all of the Harry Potter movies, but I did use a time phase so that we could watch a total of three movies without staying up all night.  One of our junior movie watchers didn’t stay awake until the end of the third movie – or the second Harry Potter show; so we wrapped up the mini marathon after that; the kids were left to camp out in the lounge for the night; and Michael and I took care of the clean-up – and our goodnight hugs and kisses – before he went home at a bit before midnight.  I’ve been doing a bit of bedtime computing since getting changed and tucked in with Mandy, but didn’t have much to deal with for the family business; so I’ll still have time to get some rest before needing to get up early for Tai Chi.  In addition to getting four kids fed and ready for church; Michael and I also have teen praise team in the morning too; so it’s going to be a very busy day for us.

Before I wrap this up, though; let’s go over a bit of news for Mom’s weekend away.  I haven’t talked with Mom or Dad at all, and have no idea what they’ve done during the rest of the day today; but they were going out to dinner and a show tonight – and I don’t mean the movies.  Crystal Springs isn’t a hotspot destination for the big touring productions, but they do get some B-circuit concerts and shows; and their theatre has seating for up to two thousand; depending on what it’s being used for.  Anyway, Dad had that dinner and show set up a while ago; the Malloys are doing that with them; and so are Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanne.  I didn’t mention that earlier because I’m not babysitting their kids tonight.  That had been discussed, but Grandma and Grandpa Carrington have Zack and Brianna instead; and that’s partly because I needed to work at the Inn too – though grandparents do occasionally get to invoke babysitting privilege now and then too.  Mom, Dad, and four of their best friends have hopefully had an amazing night out; Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanne are staying in the city overnight too; and I’m sure they are all enjoying their kid-free adventures.  No more details for some of that fun will be required by the kids; but I’ll add any news that is family-rated with my next update – if there is anything particularly newsworthy.

By the way, I should also add that I basically haven’t even seen Violet and Dillon over the past two days.  They’ll be heading back to college tomorrow, and while I’d like to spend some time with them tomorrow before they leave; that isn’t going to work out for me – though I could leave Ethan and Ehlana with them for the first part of the service while I’m busy with the praise team so that they can at least have a bit more time with them.  They did work in the lab with Dillon, so maybe that isn’t a big deal to them; but I really do miss getting to spend time with Violet – especially compared to when she first started coming to spend her holidays with us during my first March Break here with our new family.

There isn’t anything I can do about that, but we have had a good day; so I’ll be happy about that and not let what I can’t do get in the way of enjoying all of the really good in my life.  Getting some sleep is at the top of my list for really good things right now, and that’s all of the news I have for today; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!