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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Cassie's Journal - January 31, 2017

Happy 36th Birthday, Patricia!

I was too busy to have much to do with Patricia’s big day, but I did stop in to drop off her gift from Michael and me on the way to school; and Rowen’s having a sleepover here while her parents get a kid-free night.  That, by the way, is good for them, but not really a big deal this time; since they’re going to get a week of kid-free nights while Rowen and Patrick are in Florida with the band.  Owen also hosted a birthday dinner for her, and Mom and Dad were two of the guests; but Rowen and Patrick missed that too while we were at the marching band practice.

Before I get to the rest of the update, I’m going to write about the weather for a moment.

I didn’t mention it in the last report, but the weather here was pretty good – and not much cooler than it was in Orlando yesterday.  That got a lot of attention from the band teens and tweens – along with earning some jokes about that from the students that won’t be going along on the trip.  A few of them might even be privately hoping for warmer weather here compared to Florida next week, but that would be for the entertainment value – not because they’re jealous.  That’s definitely  true, by the way; since there aren’t any students staying behind that couldn’t have signed up to do something with the band – even the few with no musical talent at all.  Getting back to the weather thing, though; we’ve had another nice day here to wrap up the month, but it was a bit cooler; and we were happy to see that it is getting warmer in Orlando again.  That trend is going to continue; we’re in for at least a few days of cold heading into the weekend; and we should get daily highs into the upper seventies while we’re in Florida.

Let’s hope that the forecasters aren’t just messing with us!

Having the decent weather here made our last marching band practice much more comfortable than it should be for the last day of January.  That was good for us, but it was also more fun because we included a march around the two blocks for the school and church as part of our parade practice; and we had quite a few spectators that came outside to watch the show – including walking a block or two to stand on the sidewalks and watch the show.  That support was awesome; and we’re feeling great about being ready for the big stage next week!  Our practice went perfectly, and I’m glad of that; but I’m happier to be finished with the fundraising work.  I had to deal with the last bits of that between the band practices; we finished making sure that all band members are set up with the uniform options we might need in Florida; and we handed out the finalized itinerary and the rest of the travel packages for both the band members and their families.

I’ve skipped the concert band practice, but we did have our last practice for that ahead of the seniors’ Valentine’s Day party that we’ll be playing at on Valentine’s Day; so we worked hard to get ready for that too – even if that wasn’t as exciting or intense as the marching band practice.  We were late getting out of those two practices; so that led to a late start and end for our teen praise team practice.  I wouldn’t suggest that our last practice was a disappointment after the marching band fun, but it was a bit tougher than usual to stay motivated by then.  I do love the music, though, and it’s always fun to sing and play with Michael; so we managed to get through that hour and a quarter of praise and worship prep time before heading home – to my house.

Rowen and Tim met up with Michael and me again.  They’d been at her house for some birthday time with her mother after marching band practice, but we all still had to do our homework; so the boys were with us for that – and a bit of cuddle and chat time in the lounge once we had the work done.  The homework took an hour at normal speed; we watched music videos while cuddling and chatting after that; and then the boys went home at a bit before midnight.  I got to work after Rowen and I saw our boys out and on their way home; and she opted for some quality Jacuzzi time while I did that.  A time phase was an option, and I included the bathroom so that Rowen could have a long oak in the tub and still get to sleep in decent time.  You’ll find this next bit of information interesting because I stayed in that time phase for a while after Rowen fell asleep.  We had some girl chat time before she did that, and it had taken what would have been a while for her post-bath hair care before she joined Mandy and me in bed; but the really interesting part of this bit of news is that Rowen will get to have a really good night of rest thanks to the time phase!

That wasn’t something I was thinking about at first after she fell asleep, but I became aware of the fact that Rowen was getting hours of sleep while I was putting in the extra hours of work I wanted to get done tonight.  I dropped the time phase when she was up to nearly four hours of nap time.  If I’d continued; she’d have been waking up fully-rested by the time I was done my work and ready to get some sleep.  Making that change wasn’t a big deal for my work; since I needed to do some of the jobs in real time anyway; but it is something to think about experimenting with in the future.  I can’t do that for myself, but it could be an occasional option for my parents and the twins if I’m working anyway.  I’d also need to measure the benefits against just using healing to help restore someone from being fatigued, and while that wasn’t an issue tonight when Rowen was inside my time phase anyway; extending my time phase to include the second floor or the entire house would be a significant power drain compared to healing.

I don’t really want to spend more time on theory or practical uses of time phases right now.  Rowen may be getting a great night of sleep, but I’ll only have time for a nap – and self-healing will be required when we do wake up in a couple or three hours.  While I’ve missed writing about the rest of my day other than the micro-visit with Patricia before school, there really isn’t anything newsworthy to report from my morning routine at home or our school day.  Now that our last band practice before the trip is done; the next three days are really just hours to get through between now and the big adventure.  I still have at least one tough work day to get through too, though, and I really do need to get all of the nap time I still can have before morning; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!