Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Cassie's Journal - February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mine has been pretty good, but with all of the work; I won’t rank it a best-ever-so-far kind of day.

Tai Chi and a special Valentine’s breakfast that Michael stayed for was pretty good.  Michael did a great job with the boyfriend gifts and expressions of love; and Mom and Dad had some gifts for us to – that we got to have at breakfast while having a video chat with Dad.  Ehlana and I spent extra time getting ready for school so that we’d look our best; we had fun on the walk to school thanks to the effects we had on our favorite guys – and with Ethan’s reaction to Naomi’s extra holiday effort to look her best too.

Our school day was short for those of us in the concert band that were providing the entertainment for the seniors’ Valentine’s Day party at the church, but we had a fun morning; and most of us had special treats to enjoy at lunchtime too.  Mom was on her way to the city by then, so Aunt Leanne took care of getting the twins to KidZone for the afternoon; Michal and I spent half of our lunch break getting the set-up done at the church; and then we got to skip our afternoon classes while we played for some of our favorite seniors.  We also had a duet to sing and play as part of the fun, but we also got to have two breaks while other teens continued the music with solo or ensemble combinations.  I did not help much with the packing up after the party today other than taking one load back to the school with me because I needed to get the twins – and Aiden – from KidZone and eventually get them set up with Naomi and her family before meeting Michael at the Inn to get to work on the big Valentine’s Day dinner rush.

At this point, I’m going to take just a moment to report for the record that my brother and sister did not have a hotter Valentine’s Day than I did.  Yes, Naomi told everyone at the Inn that she was definitely on a date with Ethan for dinner while they were there with Ehlana and Aiden; but she neglected to add that her parents were there too – even though they did sit at another table with some friends.  Liz, by the way, thought that was hilarious; and is very proud of her little girl!  I had fun with that too because I was their server tonight, but those cameo moments were just part of the entertainment while I worked – and I really did have to work hard to keep up with my section of the dining room tonight.

Rowen and Tim were at the Inn for dinner too, and while that was a date; they were also going to be on babysitting duty – and helping me out with the twins while I was still at work until close.  A change of plans had them ending up with Naomi and Aide too, but that didn’t really add much work because the Seagers and Drapers were happy to drop off overnight bags for their kids at our house instead of their original overnight destinations with grandparents or other relatives ahead of their kid-free night plans.  Michael and I had to work until close, but that wasn’t too late because our customers mostly had other plans for the rest of the evening too.  We do not need to go into the details of that; other than to mention that it is sometimes weird to live in a small town! ;^)

Michael came home with me; we watched a moving in the lounge with Rowen, Tim, and our four kids; and then Naomi attempted to get away with a sofa sleepover with Ethan by pretending to fall asleep near the end of the movie.  We let them play that game for a while until we finished the snacks and drinks clean-up; and then messed up Naomi’s plan by carrying them to bed – with Ethan in his own room and Naomi in the second twin bed in Ehlana’s room.  I was happy to hear that she still loves me anyway, but if I can’t have a parent-free sofa sleepover with Michael on Valentine’s Day; my kid brother isn’t going to get to do that either – this year!

Michael and Tim stayed until midnight before going home; Rowen is having a soak in my Jacuzzi as I’m writing this; and then I’m going to get started on my family business work after that.  I did get some of it done last night, but there’s always more to do; and I need to keep up with the work now that I have all of it back on my plate again.  I am skipping the language studies tonight, but may do a bit extra tomorrow night if our work night goes well and nothing else comes up.  I hope that Mom and Dad are having fun tonight, but don’t expect any details for most of their play time from me.  I haven’t talked to them tonight; don’t plan on doing that; and will add any interesting, non-scary news with my next update.  Mom will be back by around lunchtime tomorrow so that she can bring Aunt Leanne her fast food fix; but I’ll have to wait to see her until after I’m done school for the day.

I haven’t written anything about my family for Valentine’s Day, but I haven’t even seen most of my aunts, uncles, and cousins today.  I do know that Aunt Leanne and Uncle Adam are getting a kid-free night while Zack and Brianna are spending the night with their Carrington grandparents; but none of them were at the Inn for dinner – though some of them likely were at lunchtime.  Everyone else had their own plans too – either with or without kids; and I hope they’ve all had a good day too.  My day isn’t over, but I will have a bedtime chat with Rowen once she’s done in the tub; and need to get going on my work now; so it’s time to wrap this up and get back to my life in the real world – with a bunch of work in the digital realm!

Okay, that sounds weird, but it is what I’ll be doing, and I really do need to get on that now; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!