Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Cassie's Journal - February 1, 2017

My top news of the day is that I’m done my work; and can take the next week and a half off!

Okay, I might have to do a bit of work here and there, but Mom and Aunt Leanne will handle any major issues that come up while I’m away; and I have all of my extra work finished a day ahead of schedule.  Doing that required working in a time phase for most of the hours between the time I got home and when I wrapped up at eleven o’clock, so I’m worm out now; but it was worth it – and Mom, Dad, and the twins all took advantage of some of the time phasing to do extra work tonight too.  I’m in bed with Mandy now, and as soon as I finish this report; I’ll be heading off to dreamland.  The extra rest won’t quite make up for the extreme power drain, but it will help; and I’ll self-heal the rest of the way to normal in the morning.

I don’t actually have much else to write about from today.  Rowen and I had fun this morning playing dress-up and doing our hair and make-up together; we had Ehlana with us for some of that play time; and I had fun with the Tai Chi workout and at breakfast too.  The weather continues to cool down toward freezing again, but we still hit the low forties today; which is pretty good for the first day of February.  The cold weather isn’t supposed to last long, but let’s not start looking ahead to spring quite yet.  We’ve been lucky so far this winter here at home, but that isn’t the case everywhere; and we could still get a turn or two at some ‘real’ winter weather before we’re done with it.

The weather in Orlando was of more interest to all of the band members today, and it is still looking pretty good for next week.  Some of our classmates are switching to hours for the big countdown to departure, but I’m not really thinking about it like that – even though I am as excited as anyone else about the trip.  Our teachers are trying their best to keep us working on our studies, but that’s getting tougher for them; and I don’t expect them to try very hard to get much done tomorrow or Friday.  They are adding in some work that is related to our trip – or will be part of the adventure that we’ll have homework for while we’re away, but we can deal with that without having the work get in the way of the sun and fun.

Just in case that bit of non-news is a surprise to someone reading this in the distant future, it is actually normal in our current time to include educational aspects for all school trips.  While the music experience is the main purpose f this trip, we’ll also be getting lessons through our trips to Disney, Cape Canaveral, and Sea World.  I’ll write about all of that as we go along next week, so if you can’t wait to read all about that; just keep flipping digital pages until you get there!

For right now, I really just want to crash and nap – especially now that I have the chance to get more than two or three hours of rest.  I won’t rank this day as anywhere near a best-ever, but since all of the work is getting me set up for a great week in Florida; I’m okay with that – and will be even happier on Saturday when we’re on our way out of town and off on the best school adventure ever of my life so far!

I do need to be rested and ready for that, though, and don’t need to add anything else to this update; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!