Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Cassie's Journal - February 6, 2017

All of the work and effort of putting together a marching band, the practices, and an amazing fundraising effort came together today for an hour in the Disney World spotlight for our little town and band!

If you’ve never done anything like that, there is no way to describe what that feels like.  Representing our town and school on such a huge stage is part of that; showing off to such a huge audience was great too; and getting to share every moment with Michael and our friends was absolutely amazing!  I’ll guess that the vast majority of the spectators watching the parade today won’t remember the name of our band or town in a week, but we really are going to remember this parade and trip forever.  Thanks to living in a small town where we know everybody; this will also be one of those ‘remember when’ stories that will get talked about for decades to come too.

I’ll offer my apologies if you’re one of the people that have to hear those stories over and over again in the future; but will still be happy to tell them anyway! ;^)

While I wanted to start this update with that bit of parade news, before I get to the rest of the news of the day; let’s take a moment to back up to the news I didn’t write about at all yesterday – the Super Bowl!

That’s right; I intentionally didn’t include that sports news even though we didn’t completely escape football yesterday.  The boys even watched the end of the game while we were on the bus back to the hotel – and kept tabs on it while we were at Epcot.  I’d offer my congratulations and condolences to the Patriots and Falcons respectively; but can’t really do that with any sincerity; so I won’t bother.  The Lady Gag halftime show got talked about a lot too, but to be honest, if we hadn’t been too busy having fun here in Florida; I’d have rather watched the Hallmark Kitten Bowl if I’d had to pick between that and a football game that worked out so perfectly for the Patriots’ come-from-behind miracle that it was possibly too good to be true.  Before the football fans reading this freak out, I’m not making any accusations, but pro sports is entertainment, and if the first-half trend had continued; nobody would have been talking about a fifty or sixty point blow-out – except for the Falcons’ fans.  Fortunately for me, football season is done with until Tim gets the early start to summer training for our team; so I’ll just be glad to have that break!

Getting back to the news for today, Michael and I were up early for a repeat round of Tai chi by the pool; we didn’t go for a swim after that because we didn’t have time for that; and our breakfast was another round of McDonald’s fast food that we took to go because there weren’t any open tables available by the time we got there with our group.  We did get to be among the first on the buses, though; so that worked out – and we still managed to do that despite helping out with loading the band gear into the storage compartments while waiting for the rest of our group to finish breakfast and join us.  We also needed to have our band uniforms with us, but thanks to the hot weather; that was easy-enough for most of us.  I put my pants and tee in my saxophone case – along with Rowen’s; since her flute case is a bit small for that.

We were back at Disney World ten minutes ahead of opening; we were set free to play at the Magic Kingdom until we needed to get together and ready for the parade; and Michael, Tim, Rowen, and I spent all of that time with our group – and with some extra friends that we crossed paths with along the way as we went on rides and caught some shows.  As always, we love the extreme rides the best, but the classics are always worth revisiting – even if some of our fellow teens don’t agree with that sentiment.  The boys in our group didn’t have a problem with eating a big lunch, but the girls all took it easy ahead of the parade.  That wasn’t because we were worried about looking fat or getting sick because of stage fright – we just didn’t want to feel full while marching and playing the music.

I really would like to do a better job describing what it was like being in the parade and marching along Main Street at Disney World, but I really can’t put my emotions into words.  Our music wasn’t perfect, but we did sound great; I doubt that any spectators would guess that we’d only been a marching band for less than a year; and the applause and cheers and singing along with our assigned Disney songs was all a blur of wonderful.  Marching next to Michael made everything even better, and while we weren’t close to Rowen or Tim; I know that they loved every moment of the parade too.  There was a bit of work before and after the parade – including getting changed at least once for all of us; but I had fun with all of that too – and it was cool getting to see just a bit of the behind-the-scenes action that goes into the Disney entertainment every day.  I could totally see Michael and I spending a summer working in one of the shows or doing something else at the park here, but Mom would never let me do that; so it’ll have to stay a really nice daydream.

After we had our gear back on the buses after the parade, Michael, Tim, Rowen, and I decided to do our own thing for the rest of our time at the park.  We had dinner first; and then hit every extreme ride we could get on until the park closed and we got together with our band for the fireworks show.  We had a blast with everything we did, but by the end of the evening; I was feeling just a bit sad that the Disney World part of our trip was done – even though we still have three full days of fun still ahead of us.  Once we were back at the hotel, some of us went for a swim; Michael and Tim did another fast food run; and then we had that bedtime snack in our room before splitting up for the goodnight hugs and kisses.  Rowen and I both wanted to have showers again tonight after our busy play day, so the rest of our night has been a near-repeat of last night – except that I had my shower first and am writing this update while Rowen is still in the bathroom and doing her hair.

She’ll be done that soon, and I’m ready to wrap this up anyway; so I expect that we’ll both be sleeping not long after she climbs into bed with me.  Tomorrow is our trip to Cape Canaveral – one of the ‘official’ educational segments of our Florida adventure; we’ll need to be on the road a bit earlier than the last two days; and Michael and I will need to be up even earlier for our Tai Chi workout – especially if we want to have a swim too.  There is some rain in the forecast for tomorrow, but I’m hoping we’ll either be indoors or on buses when we do get that rain – and it is still supposed to be another beautiful day the rest of the time when it isn’t raining.

I’ll write all about that with the next report, though, and you can read on anyway while I wait to live the next twenty-four hours or so; so I’ll just call it a night and move on to the bedtime girl chat and a decent night of rest so I’ll be ready for all of the fun and adventures ahead of us!

Until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!