Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Cassie's Journal - February 11, 2017

We woke up to a beautiful morning; went outside for Tai Chi by the river in shorts and tees; and then went for a swim in the river to cool off – and the water was as warm as the pool in Florida had been!

Oh wait – that was my waking dream – not reality!  Now that we’re home and getting back to our normal lives; our reality was an extra-early wake-up call that was fun thanks to the sofa sleepover, but we didn’t have much time for anything more than some bonus cuddling and a few kisses before we needed to get moving and ready for our breakfast shift at the Inn.  The temperature wasn’t far above freezing, so that was a bit of a shock compared to the past week of warm and sunny; but we were only outside long-enough to walk to the Inn.

There was one big change to my personal normal then as I was put on the server crew and sent out to the dining room to do the final set up for the breakfast rush.  I have loved working with Michael and everyone else in the kitchen, but will admit that I’m better-suited for working as a server.  That could have something to do with being hyper-active and outgoing; which are two qualities that help a lot when you’re serving customers and need to be both happy and on the go all of the time.  I also especially loved working with Miranda once she got to the Inn too; and I got to do that a lot because she had me work the section next to hers so that she could keep an eye on me – and help out if needed.  She didn’t need to do the latter; and she was impressed while watching me work – though not surprised that I didn’t have any problems or that I seemed to be a hit with my customers.  The new job helped to make the shift move along too fast; and then it was time to head home again.

One other change that was fun – with some change involved; was having tips to take home with me!  That isn’t a big deal for the breakfast shift, but I probably got a few bonus dollars for doing so well as a first-time server; and that was fun!

Moving along, I came home to a list of chores that needed my personal attention; and got back to work again.  We did the indoors work first; moved outside for that work once it was a bit warmer; and kept going until we stopped for lunch at one o’clock.  After that, Dad took me out driving for a while because my test is on Monday.  We went through everything that will be on that road test, and while I haven’t driven very much; I didn’t have any problems.  Yes, practice and repetition helps develop skills, but I do have other advantages; and any Magi reading this know that driving just isn’t a big deal on the skills meter compared to playing with the elements or other Magi talents.  Dad and I did have fun, though; Michael and I followed that up with some biking and play time at the park with the twins, Naomi, and Aiden; and then it was time for us to get back to the Inn for the dinner shift.

Sheldon’s is having a Valentine’s Day party tonight, so the Inn was pretty much full with dinner parties – including the one that my parents were at with their friends – and a bunch of my aunts and uncles.  That worked out pretty well for me, since they just happened to be seated in my section of the main dining room, and while I’d rather have some of the other girls get the bonus tips in the future; I was glad to get to have that first-time parent-customer experience tonight!  Having Aunt Leanne, Uncle Adam, and the rest of my local aunts and uncles there too was a bonus; though I can see already that they have one more thing to tease me about now.  The perfect memory thing helps a lot with being a server, but being able to keep track of everything so easily is apparently a talent worthy of getting teased about.  Aunt Leanne also seemed terribly disappointed that I didn’t have any first-night breakage; self-inflicted spills; or other mishaps like most rookies have at the Inn – herself included.  I did have fun with all of that; but hope it won’t be something I’ll hear about every time for the next decade or ten.

With a full house at the Inn, we were all busy, but thanks to the party at Sheldon’s; we didn’t have a late night as most of our ‘extra’ customers moved from the Inn to the pub.  I helped with the dining rooms clean-up, but didn’t stay until close because I needed to get home as soon as I could to join in on the babysitting already in progress.  Rowen and Tim were leading that effort while Michael and I were busy; but had junior support from Patrick, Jessica, Scott, and Lindsay.  We have all of my cousins, Ryan and Sophia, and a handful of other friends of those kids with us for the night, but Rowen and Tim didn’t have all of the kids and tweens with them for dinner – only about half of them.  The rest of the kids were fed by other relatives or friends; and then dropped off to our house after that.

I didn’t arrive to chaos, but the kid-rated fun was rolling along in high gear by then; and Rowen and Tim were glad to have the reinforcements.  My arrival distracted all of the girls for a while; we got started on some mini-makeover play time; and Michael joined in to help Tim keep up with the boys while saving the world, universe, or whatever they needed to do in the different video games that Zack and Eli wanted to play with them – and with the other boys.  Once the junior makeovers were done, we started to get all of the kids settled down with a movie, snacks, and drinks.  That’s been my favorite part of the day; and Michael and I got to cuddle with both Brianna and Faith.  They may be two of the youngest in our group, but they were also fired up tonight; and they weren’t in any hurry to be put to bed.

That isn’t to suggest that they didn’t go to sleep.  They did crash into nap mode fairly quickly.  What they didn’t let us do is put them to bed until we were ready to do that with most of the other kids.  We caved in because they are so adorable; and just enjoyed the cuddle time with them while watching the show and chatting with Rowen, Tim, and everyone else that was still awake.  After that first movie, we sent most of the kids to bed; dealt with that and the clean-up for a half-hour or so; and then had some teens and tweens time while watching a second movie and waiting for Mom and Dad to get home from the pub.

By then, I was running out of steam, but Rowen, Jessica, Lindsay, and I had a lot to talk about – including my first day working at the Inn as a server.  Instead of letting Rowen and I handle the few kid issues we had while in wind down mode, Jessica and Lindsay took care of most of them; and Patrick and Scott handled one spying incident with Zack and Eli.  Those two boys are starting early; and are going to be scary when they get a bit older!  I really am going to miss home when we go away to college, but in their case; it might be a good thing to be away for most of those five years of their lives. ;^)

Mom and Dad had opted to be designated drivers for this party – possibly because Sunday mornings are already tough-enough when you have a gang of kids to feed and get ready for church.  I’m not mentioning that because of the drinking aspect; but only because it meant that they were late getting home after driving their friends home first once the party at Sheldon’s wrapped up.  By then, their babysitters were all ready to crash; so the party and babysitting reports were condensed; we split up to go to bed; and I’m writing this update while Rowen is taking her turn in the washroom.

That might sound weird, but I’m speeding this along in real time; so it isn’t as if she’d been in there for a half hour or anything.  She will be done any moment now, though, and I really want to get started on my nap soon; so let’s wrap this up.  Our first full day back at home has been full-immersion normal – with the added change for my work at the Inn.  There was a bit too much work, but the tips were pretty good; and I loved getting to spend a few hours with the twins, our cousins, and everyone else while we babysat tonight after being away from the kids for the past week.  Tomorrow is going to be another busy day with a full shift at the Inn for Michael and me.  The buffets are sure to be especially busy because of Valentine’s Day – along with the teens and tweens that will want to visit the Inn for the hometown meal after a week of fast food.

I’ll also need to get back to my language studies and family business work tomorrow night, so the late nights are already the norm again too; and that’s another good reason to call it a night and head off to nap mode.

It really is great to be home, and while the work and busy isn’t amusement park fun; we can’t have every day like that anyway.  Okay, technically, I could do that, but wouldn’t trade what we have here for non-stop fun and adventure.  I’m also obviously starting to ramble on aimlessly as my brain shuts down from exhaustion; Rowen is done now; and so am I; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!