Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Cassie's Journal - February 25, 2017

Well, it felt like winter again today; so I guess that was appropriate for the winter festival in Maple Valley; but I’d have enjoyed the pancake breakfast and the rest of the entertainment if it had been eighty out too!

The early-morning wake-up call to go to work at the Inn wasn’t much fun either; and I needed a bit of self-healing to get motivated and moving after what felt like a too-short nap.  I had fun working the breakfast shift; though it was a very quiet morning – likely because of the Maple Valley festival.  Mom, Dad, and the twins were just part of a gang heading there from our family – including Naomi, Aiden, and quite a few of my aunts, uncles, and cousins.  They left for Maple Valley more than an hour before Michael and I finished our morning shift, but that was okay; since I can drive now!

Yes, Michael could have driven too, but he was happy to go along for my first ‘real’ drive without a parent along to watch over me; and taking Dad’s truck for the trip was fun for both of us too.

The shows, food, activities, and treats at the festival were all well-worth the trip and time, but instead of writing much about that; I’ll instead comment on the maple syrup industry around here.  Maple Valley is a hub of that for our area, but the weather this winter has made for another tough year for everyone involved in the business.  Sure, they can produce enough for the festival and local needs, but there just isn’t much left over for the markets they need to supply to do more than break even – if the farmers and businesses even manage to do that.  This is hardly a problem that is going to get any attention at the lab when there are so many other serious research that they want to do there that will have a much bigger impact on the world; but we do want to help our local communities; so we’ll take a look at ways that we might help in more mundane ways – like sending compatible businesses their way and helping the farmers diversify.

That will help the people problem, but this is yet another example of the effects we are collectively having on our environment.  Don’t worry – I am not going to go off on a climate change diatribe!  Your perspective on that may be totally different whenever you’re reading this in my near or distant future; but climate changes are really just a part of the environmental puzzle that needs to be addressed much sooner than most people believe.  The wide-ranging problems with farming and food supply all over the world is affected by a lot of things, but one of the issues that just doesn’t seem to get any attention is the fact that our global population continues to grow quite rapidly; and a food supply shock – or series of them – could be catastrophic.  There are so many ways that we could end up messing up our future that I won’t go there; and my point is simply that it doesn’t matter what combination of bad ends up causing the crises we’re heading toward – we need to all get serious about solving the problems before it’s too late.

Sure, that’s daunting – even for a junior Magi Master, but we got into most of this mess in just the past century and a half or so; and we can choose to get ourselves out of it too.  That won’t happen overnight, and there will be costs, but I really love Maple Valley maple syrup on my pancakes; so I think it’s worth it! ;^)

Okay, that’s a bit too much; so I’ll move along now and get back to the news of the day.

Michael and I had to work the dinner-to-close shift too, so we played until around three o’clock in Maple Valley; hurried home; and took a break to get cleaned up and ready for work again.  Mom, Dad, and the twins made it home before I left for work; so I helped unload the van; had a short visit with them; and then I met up with Michael and we walked to the Inn.  The temperature had climbed to around forty by then, but that just doesn’t feel all that warm when we’ve had weeks now of warmer temperatures – including our week in Florida.  The dinner shift was quiet tonight too; so this was not a big tip night for me.  It was nice to get the work done early and have the Inn closed by nine-thirty, though; so I will not complain.

I brought Michael home with me; we watched a movie in the lounge with Ethan and Ehlana; and then we had time for a minor make-out session after they went to bed – and before Michael went home at around twelve-thirty.  The movie was forgettable – if that was possible for me, but the bit of play time with Michael was a lot of fun; and I’m a happy camper as I write this and wind down from another long, busy day.  We were seriously tempted to have another sofa sleepover, but Michael has to work the full shift on Sunday; so we decided not to do that this week – and maybe save them up for March Break! ;^)

There was a bit of family business work for me to deal with again tonight, but there was some family news via email tonight too.  Josiah and Christina are definitely getting married over the Christmas holidays this December; and they’re going to have the wedding and reception here instead of in Christina’s home town.  That was her choice; but I’m really glad they’ll be getting married here.  That way, I can at least go to the ceremony even if the kids don’t get invited to the reception.

That is the last bit of news for today, and I really need to get some sleep now; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!