Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Cassie's Journal - February 3, 2017

Let’s keep this update short.  I have a bus to catch in a few hours; and really don’t want to be late for it!

The band trip was the only news of the day for all of us going on the trip – including the teachers and other adult chaperones.  My morning included a last review of the parent and student information for the trip while we had breakfast.  While a lot of parents might have been doing that this morning, my review included the latest information that Mom and Dad had from the Magi council and my ‘special’ chaperones.  We don’t expect or sense any imminent risks, but they all want to be prepared in case anything does happen; and I don’t mind the bits of inconvenience when the benefits of having so many people caring about me more than makes up for the downside of getting more adult attention than the other teens will have while we’re in Florida.

Our school day was all about wrapping up the week ahead of our imminent travel adventure.  In most classes, we were allowed to do prep work or research for our trip assignments; though most of my classmates were more interested in goofing off than studying.  I can’t blame them, but for those of us who did work today; we really won’t have all that much to do next week.  All Michael, Rowen, Tim, and I have left to get done is the parts of the assignments that we have to experience first before doing the work – whether that’s doing the math for one or more extreme rides, writing a story about our trip, or learning all about animals, sea creatures, or other sciences while we’re at Disney, Cape Canaveral, or Sea World.

I’m supposed to be making this quick; so let’s move along.  Michael and I were two of the volunteers helping out after school with getting the band equipment bus loaded and ready to go so we don’t have to do that before we leave in the morning.  That might sound crazy to teens in big cities, but we don’t have to worry about having the bus or equipment stolen around here; and it did take nearly an hour to get everything onto the bus.  Michael and I needed to get to the Inn after that to help out with the dinner prep work; and then we kept busy through until we closed the Inn at a bit after ten o’clock.  We were able to have a decent dinner break, but that was only because we had all of the teens working tonight while all of the adults except for Jacob and Miranda had the night off before starting their seven days of extra work while we’re away.

I should mention more about that plan, since Michael’s parents are paying more for their workers next week so that Michael and Rebecca – and the rest of us – can go on the trip.  Yes, their full-time staff got extra time off over the past two weeks, but they still have to pay overtime for everyone next week – and almost all of the adults will be working between fifty and sixty hours to make up for the ‘Absent-With-Leave’ teens.  While we’ve had a lot of help from everyone to make this trip possible, the business owners and a lot of the farmers are due extra recognition for their contributions – especially when they’ll all be working harder this weekend and next week while we’re playing and having fun.

Okay, with that done; let’s wrap this up.

I stopped in at Michael’s house for a short visit and to say goodbye to his parents before coming home.  Mom, Dad, and the twins were all still awake; we did the bedtime snack, drinks, and chat in my room while I finished my packing; and then Mandy and I were left alone so that I could do a micro bedtime computer and email check and this update before heading off to nap mode.  There was no email news; all was clear for my Hathorne Industries check – at least when it comes to any hint that they’ll be in Florida next week; and there was no new family business work to deal with.

We won’t need to leave quite as early as we did on our last trip to Florida, but that’s only because we also won’t be in Orlando by lunchtime either.  I do still need to be up again in a few hours, though; don’t have anything else to add to this report; and want to be as rested as possible ahead of our big travel day; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!