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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Cassie's Journal - March 7, 2016

Happy 32nd Birthday, Uncle Adam!

It’s funny that as I write that; the first thing that I’m thinking is that I’ll officially be half his age for a month or so when I turn sixteen next February.  No, that isn’t a huge deal for an uncle-niece age difference, and he’s not even my youngest uncle if you include the unofficial members of that little club; but I still think it’s funny that I was about a third his age when we met during my first Thanksgiving here in Witch Falls.

I’ll guess that he wasn’t thinking about that at all tonight; though he likely is very happy that the age difference between him and Aunt Leanne means nothing now compared to when they were kids and teens.  That’s taking my thoughts in a direction I don’t want to go, though; so let’s get to the news of the day.

The temperature was still in the sixties this morning, and while we had a dash or three of rain overnight; that didn’t get in the way of a really great Tai Chi workout by the river.  That got our day off to a great start; breakfast and the rest of my pre-school morning routine was fairly standard; and then we had a pretty good day at school.  There were some tests to write and projects to hand in, but that was easy for me; and not really anything major for anyone else in our class either.  The weather was perfect for having our lunch break outdoors; so that was a highlight of the day; and the afternoon classes sped by thanks to that bonus play time and fresh air.

Michael came home with me after school so that we could do our homework ahead of Uncle Adam’s birthday dinner; we got that done fairly quickly; and then we were put on kid control while Mom helped Aunt Leanne with making dinner.  We took a small gang of kids to the park; went for a walk on the main path; and played at the playground for nearly an hour before heading back to Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanne’s house.  A kid clean-up followed that adventure; we had fun in the play room after that until everyone had arrived and dinner was ready; and then the birthday fun began in earnest – for the hour or so that Michael and I had left to do that before it was time to get to our marching band committee meeting.

While we had fun at dinner, Michael and I were also on kid control while we ate; so we missed a lot of the birthday roasting going on with the parents.  Mom didn’t go with us to the meeting; and instead stayed to help out with the post-dinner work – and to hang out with Dad and everyone else that stayed for an evening of fun and entertainment.  Miranda was at the meeting, though, and we had fun taking the next steps toward being ready for our first marching band practice that is now just four weeks away!  Our trip to Colorado is a much bigger deal for me right now, and we have Easter coming up between now and then too; but I’m really looking forward to actually being part of the inception of a new marching band.  That’s a bit scary too, but in a fun way; so I’m not at all worried that the band will be a disaster.

That meeting went pretty well for the work side of it, so we weren’t just having fun without getting anything done; and then Michael came home with me so that we could do a music practice to get ready for our band and teen praise team practices tomorrow.  Mom, Dad, and the twins were home by then, and since Mom and Dad were working in the office; Ethan and Ehlana came upstairs with us to listen in – or join in – while Michael and I first practiced for band and then worked through all of our Easter music.  We took care of getting Ethan and Ehlana into bed for the night after that; had a minor make-out session in the lounge before Michael went home; and then I had a chat with Mom and Dad in the office while they wrapped up their work before we all came up to bed.

I had a lot of work and studying to get to after that, so they were having a lot more fun than I was; but let’s not take that train of thought any further.  The family business work came first, and since I’m doubling up on pretty much everything this week; that took a few hours to get done because I didn’t use a time phase tonight.  My language studying came next; I spent an hour and a half doing that; and then moved on to one last email and computer check that also added a bit more family business work to my night before I could get to this update.

All of that means that I won’t have time for much more than a nap now before needing to get up and going again; but that’s exactly how I expected this week to go for me.  Since Michael and I have those two practices and a birthday dinner to deal with tomorrow; I’ll expect more of the same for Tuesday night – especially since we won’t even be able to get to our homework until after our teen praise team practice.

I’ll let you know how that goes with my next update, but that’s all I have for tonight; and it’s way past-time for me to get started on that nap.

Until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!