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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cassie's Journal - March 21, 2016

It’s late, and I’m again running on empty, but there’s a lot of news for today; so let’s get at it.

First and tops on the list is the Inn.  While Michael and I were gone, the work on the new section of the Inn was finished!  That’s the good news for all of us; but the bad is that Michael and I helped out at the Inn pretty much from the time we finished school until we were ordered home at midnight – except for eating and doing our homework.  Miranda and Jacob decided to do the move this week into the new kitchen and dining rooms, and while that was a tentative option if everything was finished; the week after Easter was one of the options too.  Today, they ran the Inn as normal while also moving everything they could over to the new section.  While all of the big kitchen equipment is all brand new; they did not replace all of the dishes, cutlery, cooking utensils, and the rest.  There is all-new tablecloths and other things for the dining rooms; but then we needed to get all of that set up tonight too because they’ll be serving their first meals out of the new kitchen and into the two smaller dining rooms beginning with breakfast in the morning.

Michael and I are going to be there for that; but only to get to be part of it – not because we’re actually needed.  To do the work tonight, we had to miss our marching band meting; but Michael’s parents needed us more; and Mom went to the meeting so she’ll tell us what we need to help out with this week – if anything.

Getting back to the Inn, it’s going to be a very busy next few days there.  Getting settled into the new kitchen and used to working the two smaller dining rooms will take time; but there’s still a lot of work that needs to get done too because the old kitchen and entrance to the Inn is going to be closed off; and the archway openings between the old and new sections are going to be completed in time for Jacob and Miranda to be able to use the old dining room for the breakfast, lunch, and dinners buffets they’re having on Saturday.  Some of those archways between the second and third floors are already done; but the archway between the old dining room and the new entrance area will need to be completed after the Inn is closed over the next few nights since the last section they need to finish will be noisy and probably dirty too.  There will be seating for nearly three hundred and fifty by Saturday, though, so that’s going to be amazing – and crazy-busy to keep up with if we fill the place for every buffet!

While we missed out on all of that action at the Inn and the church last week; a lot of people were involved both places – including a lot of teens from around town and the country kids too.  I’m not exactly worried about losing out on the work, but I am glad that so many of our friends did actually enjoy making some pretty decent money while on our break.  Michael, Tim, Rowen, and I had the best vacation stories thanks to our trip to Colorado; but our friends did more good by a long shot – especially when it came to helping to get the sanctuary and some other projects finished at the church.  I don’t want to spend much time on that tonight, but I should mention that there is still a fair bit of work left to do on the rest of the church expansion for the new kitchen, expanded fellowship hall, and other new classrooms and offices; but most of that work will be finished by the end of May or June – in time for a busy summer of family and friends visits; and the camping season.

On the family front, I’ve been home for more than two days now; and haven’t spent very much time with Mom, Dad, Ethan, and Ehlana except in the mornings before church and school.  They’re all busy too; but I don’t like that trade-off – especially tonight when I only saw Ethan and Ehlana for a few seconds each while they slept on my way up to my room.  They haven’t even finished telling me all about their adventures last week; and we might not get around to finishing that before they’ll be telling me about the parts of their Easter weekend that I’ll miss out on while helping out at the Inn on Thursday night and Saturday.

I’ve spent even less time with my aunts, uncles, and cousins; and don’t expect that to change for the rest of the week either.  Maybe I’ll be able to make up for that a bit on Friday and Sunday, but then Michael and I have to share families and juggle time with everyone; so I have no idea if that’ll work out anyway when I don’t even know what all of the plans are for those days.  There won’t be time for me to worry about it one way or the other anyway; so I’ll just go with whatever happens when we get there.

That’s basically what I’ve done tonight too, and not getting home until a bit after midnight really put me behind on my ‘real’ job and studies.  I spent two hours on the family business; an hour and a half on the language studies after taking a week off; and wrapped up with my usual computer and email checks.  All of that was fairly interesting; and I did some good work with the family business to make up for the work I didn’t help out with around here last week; but I’m also only going to have time for a nap now; and it’s going to be tough keeping up with everything on a couple of hours of sleep a day – even with some Magi-powered self-healing.

While crashing right now would be nice; I did mention that there’s been a lot going on around here; and I need to catch up on that in my journal – and stop leaving it until a later that won’t happen if I get too far behind.

First up for that, let’s talk farming.  The warm weather isn’t really all that good for the farms around here while also being great for getting farm work done early compared to normal springs.  The problem is that it’s too soon for crops to go in; and the short cold snaps are messing with everything from the trees and flowers to seedlings that the Greens are getting ready for the spring planting season with both farmers and all of the amateur botanists around here – including most of my favorite adults.  The one bright spot is the crops being grown with help from Ehlana and the lab; but the quantities aren’t yet there to help all of the farmers around here – and that doesn’t help with crops that they haven’t worked with yet but are very sensitive to wild weather swings.

I hear more about that now because Rebecca hears about it a lot from Lucas and his parents; but the weather has an impact for a lot of other things around here.  On the good news side, the new bridge is ahead of schedule; and so is the work on the park expansion and more new paths that will add some great exercise and entertainment options for kids of all ages here.  The second bridge is really going to be great for better traffic control across the river – not to mention that it’ll save everyone in the new section of town a fair bit of driving to get over to the med center, lab, and park instead of needing to drive down to Witch Falls Road and back up Quarry Road to get to anywhere across the river.

Outdoor construction in the new section of town is starting early this year too; though I haven’t had time to go over there and check that out.  The building is just going to be more houses and townhomes this year; but then we need a year to grow into the housing that’s already available in town – whether that’s new homes and apartments or the old ones that have come available because of upgrades to new homes for others.  There is more going on around here to get ready for the coming summer tourist season, but I think that’s enough for tonight; and most of those stories won’t be news until shortly before the Memorial Day weekend.

While I’m thinking about that, and the action at the Inn is still on my mind too; Jake and Stephanie are starting their last big stretch of studying in Europe now; and they’ll be home in time for the Memorial Day weekend too.  They still have a year of school to go after this, but the old Inn still needs to be remodeled too; so we’re not ready for them to join the permanent full-time owners yet anyway.  It’ll still be fun having them here this summer – and working with them in the shiny new kitchen – at least for Michael and me.  By next summer; we’ll have two chefs in the house; and enough room to hold all the customers that will want to come to the Inn and appreciate their efforts.

That’s definitely getting a bit too far ahead of things on a night when I’m too tired to go there; but I can’t help imagining how great it’s going to be at the Inn once all of the remodel work is done!

I can also imagine falling asleep mid-sentence, but while it might be funny; I won’t just leave you hanging like that.  It is time to wrap this up, though; so that’ll have to be enough info for one night.

Until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!