Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

Cassie's Journals have now come to an end with the start of the Magi Ascension storyline on June 15, 2018! Ethan and Ehlana will now be taking over the Heirs of the Magi daily updates as Cassie prepares to move on to college - and you can read all about her story by picking up a copy of Magi Ascension - Part One! Ethan's and Ehlana's roles in the Ascension of the Light is just beginning now too; so their journals will offer a different perspective on the events going on at home while Cassie is away at college!

Happy reading this summer; and I hope that you enjoy this new 'chapter' in the Heirs of the Magi story!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Cassie's Journal - March 14, 2016

We’re getting some snow tonight, so we didn’t try to go out and do anything after dinner; but Michael, Tim, Rowen, and I did get around to spending a bit of time in the hot tub along with most of the teens and one set of parents in our group before coming up to our rooms for the rest of the night.

That’s practically starting this update with the end of the report; so let’s back up a bit – like to the roommate swap part of the fun that’s happened since my last update!

Michael made it back to my room by the time that Rowen was ready to go over to Tim’s room.  I’m sure there are some Magi parents reading this in the future that might freak out about something like this – just as there are parents I know that would do the same thing at home; but I can only be amused by that.  Since I haven’t mentioned it in a while, Michael and I have our own rules for what we will and won’t do when it comes to physical intimacy, and while that’s a personal decision that’s different for every teen; we’re not going to break those rules at three o’clock in the morning in a hotel room in Colorado any more than we’d do that at three o’clock in the afternoon in the lounge at home.

That’s really the flip-side of the point I want to make here – which is to state that parents can obsess all they want about teen sexual relations, but the bottom line is that they can’t really stop their kids from doing whatever they want; short of locking them up and keeping them supervised all of the time.  Since there are only Magi parents reading this, if you’re one of those delusionally-obsessed; get over it!  You have to trust your Magi kids with way more serious responsibilities to control and hide their Magi abilities.  Trust them to decide what’s right for them, and if they make mistakes; that’s part of life – and Magi aren’t exempt or perfect!

I don’t want to write a big rant on anything tonight, but as I’m thinking about that in relation to having Michael for my cuddle buddy last night; I’m also hearing voices.  No, I’m not losing my mind – the voices are imaginings of the reactions to that news from some of my favorite people.  Dad might pretend to be scared because his daughter was reminding him a bit too much of his sister’s teen years; Aunt Leanne might have a “that’s my girl!” for me while also telling me that I wasted a perfectly good opportunity by just cuddling with Michael all night; and Miranda would likely be proud of me too while also secretly glad that she won’t have to worry about being a grandmother quite yet. ;^)

Okay, that’s taken this update way off-track; so let’s move along.

Michael had I did have some make-out time before getting to the cuddling and sleeping; we were awake early-enough to do a Tai Chi workout before giving Rowen and Tim their wake-up call so that all four of us could get ready for another day of extreme snowboarding; and then we met up with our group and went out for breakfast on our way to the slopes.  I know that I didn’t give the continental breakfast at the hotel a good review, but in hindsight; I was being kind.  Yes, I can say that today because the kids in our group insisted that we have breakfast at McDonalds today; and that’s why I can now assure you that the hotel breakfast offerings didn’t even come all that close to meeting the fast food standard for morning meals.
That, by the way, did not keep Michael, Tim, and most of the guys from devouring a fair bit of food – including some extra to go for some of them; but I took it easy this morning – at least partly because I wanted to be able to soar when I was doing jumps today; not drop like a rock and crash.

I didn’t talk specifically about our snowboarding yesterday, so let’s do that now.  We already knew that Rowen is a mild-mannered adrenaline junkie in disguise, and we’re all thrill seekers; so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone reading this to discover that we are having a brilliant time with snowboarding at a ‘real’ mountain resort instead of a local ski center that doesn’t have half as many runs as this resort has ski lifts!  Michael and Tim are really good too; but they’ll happily admit to anyone that Rowen and I are better – and possibly a bit nuts to try some of the jumps we do – especially when we try them side-by-side.

There is one other difference here; and that’s being around other seriously talented skiers and snowboarders.  We’ve been able to watch and learn; meet and talk with other teens; and have a lot of extreme fun trying to duplicate the aerial tricks that the best snowboarders were doing.  I also loved watching the skiers, but while their tricks are just as cool – and some of them are the same; I like snowboarding better.  I won’t write a page or two about all of the tricks we’ve played with over the past two days; but I can report that they involved numbers like three-sixty and seven-twenty; flips, twists, inversions, and just about anything else you can imagine for airborne acrobatics.

I would have loved to try some Magi-powered snowboarding, but there were far too many people around for that to be an option – not to mention the fact that Michael, Tim, and Rowen don’t know about each other – even though Michael and Rowen each know about me.  The Magi council probably wouldn’t believe me if there was another accident where Michael and Tim found out about Rowen and me – not to mention that there are other Magi with us on this trip that don’t know about us either – and would if I started playing around with my talents while snowboarding.

It would be cool if I could, though!  I can totally imagine an aerial that starts at the top of the mountain and ends near the bottom!  The play-by-play would be fun too.  “There goes Cassie Proctor; she nails the jump; opens with an inverted seventy-two-hundred twist; flips upright for a thirty-six-hundred twist in the opposite direction; moves into a sidewinder spin that’s too fast to count; and then wraps up her flight with a laid-out, backwards eighteen-hundred with a half-twist into a forward thirty-six-hundred – and then she nails the landing!”

Okay, maybe I’ve spent too much time in the thin air; but that’d still be awesome! ;^)

Speaking of thin air, I won’t make a big deal of it; but should mention that my body adjusts for that automatically.  That isn’t true for everyone else in our group; but it hasn’t been a serious issue for any of them.  The kids take a few more breaks; but then we all get to have a break after every run while waiting and then taking the lifts back up the mountain.  I knew that already from when Mom and I did our mountain hideout thing; but it might be interesting to test out the limits for my self-healing when it comes to adjustments for extremes.  We know from the archives that there are limits; since there are lots of stories about Magi Masters needing to use their powers to deal with extreme situations – particularly with temperature extremes.

I don’t plan on a trip to climb Everest next March Break to test my limits – though I might really love trying to do that some day!

Getting back to the story, our day on the slopes was fairly similar to yesterday; though we hit as many new-to-us runs as we could while still going on some of our favorites from yesterday too.  We had lunch at the same time, but at a different place; and then we were back on the slopes until about a quarter-past four thanks to good timing for our last lift ride that was only a couple of minutes before they were closed for the day.  That put us near the back of the pack with our group when we met up with them and took care of our gear before heading back to the hotel; but we still had more than enough time to get ready to go out for dinner once we were back in our rooms – even for those of us needing extra time to dry our hair after our showers.

Oh wait, Rowen and I were on our own for that, so putting up wards and cheating to get that done was an option! ;^)

Our third restaurant pick was not all that great; so I’m not going to write anything about it.  That’s inconsistent of me, since I didn’t have a problem with picking on the hotel breakfast, but that’s something that can reasonably be expected; while restaurants are hit and miss when you randomly pick them – and they’re not a chain restaurant with known standards.  This one was definitely a miss; but I’ll only offer warnings to friends back home if they happen to be coming here – and not offer the insult of naming the place to live on forever in our archives.

I’ve already mentioned that we decided not to do anything else tonight; and that we checked out the hot tub for a while; so all I have to add to that is that while I like hot tubs; I’ve decided that I don’t particularly like large, public hot tubs.  Okay, this was is technically private for hotel guests; so I’ll amend that to say large hot tubs meant for large groups of people.  A hot tub or Jacuzzi for two works for me, though; so I’ll keep that in mind for future hotel stays – especially when Michael’s with me for those future trips!

That pretty much brings us to now.  Another roommate swap is going to be happening soon, but I’m doing this while Rowen and I are both dealing with our wet hair from the hot tub visit; and she’s again getting the things she needs for spending the rest of the night with Tim while Michael’s here with me.  We’re not watching a movie together first tonight because we’re getting tired – or at least that’s the excuse we’re going with for starting the swap early.  I’ve already finished my computer and email checks; dealt with a bit of family business with the help of a time-phase to get it done fast; and I need to wrap this up because Michael will be here any minute now.

I don’t need to do that because I don’t want to write my journal while he’s around.  That’s simply because I’d rather be holding him instead of this computer.  Then again, I’m not actually holding it right now; since I’m typing telekinetically while taking my turn with the hairdryer; but I still don’t want to be doing this while I could be focusing my attention on the Michael and me time instead.

Speaking of Michael; make that an out of time because that’s him knocking on our door.  It’s been fun, but I have to go now; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!