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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Cassie's Journal - March 19, 2016

I’m home; warm in my bed; and Mandy is purring happily while cuddling with me.  All is well in the world!

It’s also been an exhausting travel day; so I’m going to keep this short and do a longer report tomorrow.

What bit of time we spent outdoors for our last little bit of time in Colorado was really, really cold; so staying indoors while waiting for our flight was okay with us – even though it was fairly boring too.  There were some delays that were partially from catching up with the problems during the week, but we weren’t too late; and had extra time for our flight layover anyway.  That flight was uneventful; the layover ended up being even longer thanks to other delays that made our connecting flight late getting into that airport; and the total time loss was a bit more than an hour once we were finally at our ‘home’ airport.  Once there, we had to deal with getting our luggage from baggage claim; getting vehicles out of parking lots took more time; and we had to meet up with our extra drivers.  They’d all gotten to the city early thanks to our delays; but still had to deal with the traffic issues at the airport.

By the time we were ready to hit the road, it was too late to get home in time for dinner, so we went to a restaurant to sit down and eat because some of us needed to have real food after a day of snacking and fast food.  Tim’s parents picked a place with fairly fast service, so we were able to do that in a bit more than an hour and then we finally hit the road for home.  It was past-eight by the time that Michael and I were dropped off outside of my house with our luggage; we did a quick round of hugs and kisses with Rowen, Tim, and his parents; and then they went over to Rowen’s house to drop off her things and go in for a parents and kids visit.

Ethan helped Michael to get his stuff home; I had lots of help with mine; and then Michael and I distributed some souvenirs while having a visit with my family.  Jacob, Miranda, and Rebecca came over after they closed the Inn for the night and joined in on the fun; but didn’t stay too much longer before heading home and taking Michael with them.  By then, I was already running out of steam, but came up to my room to deal with getting unpacked and starting a load of laundry.  Mom, Ehlana, and Ethan were with me for most of that; and then we hung out together with Dad in the office until I started dozing off and was sent up to bed.

I’ve only done an email check since getting into bed with Mandy before starting this report, and there wasn’t any work that couldn’t wait until tomorrow; so I didn’t do any family business work at all.  The only bit of news that I’ll add for tonight is that Violet and Dillon are still at his house and hanging out with his family and some friends; so I guess that I won’t see them until breakfast.  Since they’ll be leaving after church tomorrow; I guess that’ll have to do for us until they’re home again in May.

I’m half-dozing again as I ramble through this update, though, so the rest of the news from home will just have to wait until tomorrow.

Until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!