Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Cassie's Journal - June 3, 2017

Let’s begin this report with the campfire and camping news from last night.

After taking my break between work and play that included writing that last update; I joined the gang of teens and kids around the campfire; Michael and I took a long turn playing music that included a few duets; and then we were both busy taking care of kids as they fell asleep and needed to be tucked into their sleeping bags for the night – once we had the ready for bed.  The older kids wanted to party for quite a while, though; so we had to juggle the needs of the younger kids with having fun with them; and that kept us on the go through until a bit after one o’clock.  We had some teen and tween wind-down time after that, but Michael and I needed to be up before dawn for our breakfast shift at the Inn; so we headed to bed by a bit after one-thirty.  Rowen and I had Ehlana, Naomi, Brianna, and Faith with us for the night; and we actually got to have some sleep despite this being a first for Faith.  Sure, she’s done the babysitting sleepovers with us; but she was a little angel for us while camping too.

Michael and I were up early; dealt with some sleepy bathroom breaks for a couple of kids; and then we left Rowen and Tim in charge while we headed to the Inn and got to work on the special ‘opening weekend’ breakfast buffet.  There was a big turnout for it, including all of our campers and the grandparent volunteers that helped Rowen, Tim, and the other teens and tweens with getting all of the kids to the Inn.  They were among the earliest guests, and Mom and Dad took over with Ethan and Ehlana because they also needed to get them fed in time to have Ehlana and Naomi to the park in time for their first ball game with Vicky’s Hair Herons.  They didn’t end up sitting at one of the tables that I covered this morning, but I did still share some hugs and kisses with them – including the good luck hugs for Ehlana and Naomi when they left for the park.

The weather was awesome for their game, but I had to finish my shift at the Inn before going to catch the end of the game.  As I mentioned already, we had a big turnout for the buffet; and I ended up working until nearly-ten before Miranda set me free to go to the park.

The Herons were more than half-way into their game against Green’s Garden Geese by then; they’d battled to a tie by then; and Ehlana and Naomi insisted after the game that my added cheering was the difference as they went on to earn a ten-to-eight victory.  Since they each had three RBI’s and four hits; I’d say that they had more to do with that win than I did, but if I helped to motivate them; then I’m glad they enjoyed the show while Aunt Leanne and I had fun on the sidelines – along with Brianna and Faith.

By the way, our aunts, uncles, and cousins will not get to all of Ethan’s and Ehlana’s games; but they do plan on being at Ethan’s first game next weekend too – and I had some extra family support for my first game tonight too.

After the game, Mom was one of the volunteers for the ice cream run for the Herons to the Emporium, but Dad and I came home to get started on our chores; while Ethan and Aiden just happened to end up at the Emporium with all of those girls instead of coming straight home with us.  That worked for Dad and me because we didn’t have to worry about them while getting started on mowing the lawn and the rest of the gardening and other chores.  We worked until one; had a quick lunch break; and then I worked until three-thirty before getting ready for my short shift at the Inn ahead of my ball game.

I took my ‘uniform’ with me, but still worked the dining room until five-thirty along with just a bit of prep line help.  Michael worked the full dinner-to-close shift again tonight; so he couldn’t come and watch my game.  Tim was there for Rowen, though; and we eventually had all of our camping kids with them again because we’re doing a second night of babysitting and camping while the parents are back at the Inn for night number two of their stay-in-town getaway.  Tim wasn’t in charge of those kids while we were playing our game, but he did play with a bunch of them at the playground when our game was too boring for some of the younger boys like Zack, Sebastian, and Eli.

Our team – Emerson’s Erosion – was up against Landry’s Landslide tonight, and while I’m not going to brag about it; Rowen and I had a pretty good first game of the season.  We helped our team to a sixteen-to-nine win; and no, we were not motivated simply to keep up with Ehlana and Naomi!  Sure, we’d have been teased about it if we’d lost after their team won, and we had some great cheering support for our game too; but our win was really all about having the better team tonight.  What really matters, though, is that we all had a fun evening; enjoyed the wonderful hot weather; and then we moved on to my house for another campfire and camping adventure – though we didn’t have quite as many ‘extra’ teens and tweens with us tonight.

We had some support getting the kids back here and settled in for the campfire, but then the parents and grandparents moved on; and I was kept busy playing with the kids until Michael joined us after work.  Okay, I was kept busy with the kids after that too; but it was more fun for me to do that with Michael.  After a late night last night, we lost more of the kids to dreamland much sooner than last night; though I’ve just skipped over some of the fun details that I should include in this update.  First up; some of us went swimming to cool off after the game; I had a micro-shower while the grandparents were still helping out to get cleaned up after work and the baseball; and there were other games going on in the back yard once the campfire started – like glow-in-the-dark Frisbee and running around with glow sticks and playing hide and seek around the house, storage barn, and tents.

I had fun with all of that; Michael and I worked hard when it came to getting kids ready for bed and tucked in for the night; and then we eventually had some quiet time while telling scary campfire stories to the older kids and tweens.  We wrapped up the campfire at midnight; needed another hour to get everyone into tents and have a bit of babysitter wind-down time by the river; and now Rowen and I are in our tent for the night with our four junior camping buddies.

Rowen’s sleeping already, but I needed to do a bedtime email check; had to deal with some family business work that couldn’t wait until Sunday night; and now I’m getting this update done before getting started on my nap.  We’re going to be busy in the morning, but that’s going to be an all-day trend because some of us are also going to be dealing with a last day of exam studying for our first exams on Monday along with church and work.  I won’t need to cook a major breakfast in the morning because Mom and Dad picked up boxes of bakery treats for us to use to feed the campers; and there are also jugs of drinks and other options that will only require being set out on tables along with the paper plates and plastic utensils.  All of that will help, but we’ll still need to get all of the kids ready for church and there on time; so I should really be sleeping now so I’ll be ready to get that done in a handful of hours – after our morning Tai Chi by the river.

We are having an awesome weekend, and I’m sure that Mom and Dad are too; though we – the kids – do not need or want those details from any of our parents doing the weekend getaway at the Inn! ;^)

That thought has me wishing that Michael was cuddling with me tonight, but since that can’t happen when we’re busy with our junior campers, I’ll just wrap this up and maybe dream about future co-ed camping adventures for the summer!

Until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!