Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Cassie's Journal - June 20 2017

This update is coming to you live from a nice little hotel suite in Crystal Springs – and we are in a suite because this was a last-minute addition to our plans; and we took what was available on short notice!  That works out particularly-nicely for Michael and me; since we’re going to be having a sofa sleepover while the twins, Naomi, and Aiden are in the bedroom.

Okay, for full disclosure; it was supposed to be the girls in the bedroom; but I’m sure we can trust the five and six-year old kids to be good while they’re piled into that jumbo bed! ;^)

I’m doing this report and a bit of work on my computer while Michael’s grabbing a shower and getting ready for bed; so I’m going to need to keep it short – and catch up on my work tomorrow.

We were up early this morning; went to the usual shopping trip day breakfast buffet at the Inn; and then we hit the road for the city with everyone else in our shopping group – including Miranda, Rebecca, Jenny, and a bunch of our collective cousins.  The trip here was fun but uneventful; the shopping was a blast as we had fun in turn with our family and the friends that could come this year; and lunch in the food court was at least an adventure with a gang of ravenous kids and teens if not a memorable culinary experience.  The decision to stay for the night – at least for some of us, came during that food break; and I’m glad that Michael got the okay to stay with us – as long as we have him home in time for the lunch shift at the Inn.

The afternoon shopping included more time at the mall and then a couple of hours at Wal-Mart; and then we headed for the hotel while the rest of our shoppers headed for home – and probably caught some of the special sales once there while we had to sacrifice that fun for the hotel adventure – and the bistro dinner; some pool time; and a pay-per-view movie that we watched here – and with Mom and Dad before we sent them off to their room for the rest of the night.

Dad had needed to do some work too, and had more to get done when they left; but we won’t want the details for the rest of what they’ll be doing until we meet up with them for breakfast.  Yes, I meant breakfast, since for some reason; they didn’t want a Tai Chi wake-up call! ;^)

Michael and I won’t get to have too much fun before we get around to the sleeping part of our night while we have four kids in the suite with us, but we’ll make time for a bit of quiet play time; so I really do need to wrap this up so that I won’t be wasting time once it’s my turn to get ready for bed.

There’s a lot that I haven’t included, but I’m sure there are better records from other Magi on this trip that you can check out while I’m busy getting back to my life in the real world.  We had a smaller shopping group than normal because of picking Tuesday instead of Friday, but I’m glad that we got to spend some time with Miranda on her day off.  I mentioned in the last report that Rowen had to work today, so she didn’t come with us; but then she’ll likely do a trip on a future day off with Tim – or with me if we need a girls’ day out.  I’ll keep you posted on that one!

Okay, Michael’s nearly finished in the bathroom – I can sense that; just in case you’re wondering if he left the door open or think I might be in the room with him! ;^)

Now why didn’t I think about that before he went in there?  Oh yeah – four kids in the suite with us!

Where was I?  I’m sure it wasn’t thinking about having Michael stay in the bathroom with me while I grab a shower next, but that is something I could have fun with teasing him about, and I’ve suddenly lost all interest in this report; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!