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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Cassie's Journal - May 31, 2015

As promised, it’s double-update time; but I’m also going to keep this short because I’m tired and it’s getting late.

I had a blast with Michael and the rest of our friends last night – and especially with Michael!  As I mentioned last night, the fun really got started when we wrapped up our study time and then got to work on setting up our tents by the river.  The fact that there were five tents and five couples didn’t go un-noticed by my parents, but they let us stick with the fiction that the majority of the teens in our little group weren’t thinking about tent mate swaps while choosing the number of tents to set up.

Dad grilled chicken and ribs on the grill to go with Mom’s salads, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob; so dinner was a hit with my friends.  The Olde Bakery dessert was a bonus too; and made it fairly easy to even convince the guys that the meal was worth the teen-drafted clean-up that followed.  Mom and Dad got ready to go out while we did that, and while they were going to hang out with Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanne at their house, along with some other friends; they went to the pub for a while later too.  While they were busy doing that, we had our campfire; and I loved getting to hang out with my friends; cuddle with Michael; and share some music and stories to go along with the chatting and random acts of fun.

We didn’t overtly discuss the tent mate swap, but there were jokes about doing that during the campfire, and as I mentioned already; most of us were thinking about it pretty much from the time we opted for camping instead of an indoor sleepover.  That might have gotten awkward when we did get around to the going to bed part of the night at a bit after midnight; but I took care of that potential problem for all of us.  After putting out the fire, and once we’d moved over to the tents; I grabbed my bag and gear out of the tent I was supposed to share with Rowen and Rebecca; put it in Michael’s tent; and summarily evicted Tim by tossing his things out for him and Rowen to take turns catching.  The other couples took the hint almost immediately once they’d finished teasing me about it; and we were all very happy campers by the time those moves were done and we were all ready for some quality cuddle time with our respective boyfriends or girlfriends.

I can take an educated guess that getting ready for bed after that was different for each couple, since most of us went into the house for washroom breaks and some of us took overnight bags along; but Michael and I had fun with the getting changed part of our night together.  If there are any Magi parents getting freaked out by reading that; get a grip – it’s not as if clothing-optional play time for two is unusual for teens our age and Michael and I do always stick to our self-imposed rules.  It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned that in my journal, so I’ll remind you that if you can trust your Magi teens to control our talents; a little physical self-control is easy enough – even if making that choice isn’t always easy.

Moving along, Michael and I had a fairly hot start to the sleeping part of our night that didn’t involve getting any sleep for quite a while.  We did eventually snuggle close in the sleeping bags we’d zipped together and get a few hours of nap time; but then we were up again – awake – before dawn.  We had a bit more play time then too; and then we got ready for Tai Chi by the river with Mom and Dad.  They were amused when they met up with us; but then they’d obviously had a fairly happy night too.  None of our friends came out of the other tents until after we’d finished exercising and my parents went indoors again, though if they thought that the co-ed camping wouldn’t be noticed by anyone; they apparently didn’t notice the observers from inside several houses along the river – including mine.

While the start to my morning had been wonderful, we all soon needed to get very busy as we took turns getting ready for church; had breakfast; and did all of the work that went with cooking, cleaning, and packing up our little campground before it was time to go to church.  That was all a lot of fun too; but I was pretty much ready for a nap by the time we sat down in the sanctuary for the start of the service.

I don’t have any major news from church or Sunday school today; though we enjoyed that time with our family, friends, and neighbors too.  Michael had to get to the Inn after we were set free from Sunday school, so I walked with him there on my way home; but took the day off from helping out there so that I could spend the time with my family instead – and have more time for another afternoon study session that Michael joined us for during his break.

Lunch was at Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanne’s house; and Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Mark, Aunt Grace, and Caleb were there with us too.  That was a bring what you have pot luck, so Mom’s contribution was corn on the cob and cold salads; while Dad brought burgers and hot dogs to grill.  The meal was great, but after helping with the clean-up; I met up with Rowen and Tim to get started on our study session at my house while Mom, Dad, Ethan, and Ehlana stayed for a bit of afternoon play time.

We didn’t have as many of our classmates join us to study today, but Sally and Joshua were dropped off for a couple of hours; and we had three other ‘town kids’ join us too.  I had fun with all of that work, and so did my friends – even though all of the guys, including Michael, kept telling us how awful it was to spend yet another afternoon studying instead of playing.  The studying isn’t fun by comparison; but I’ll take a leap and suggest that they will have fun when they do better on their exams thanks to the extra work – and impress their parents.

Michael had to head back to the Inn in time to help with the dinner buffet rush, but the rest of us studied until Sally and Joshua were picked up before calling it a day.  Mom, Dad, and the twins were home by then and had been working in the office; so I joined them there for a while until Mom was ready to get started on making dinner for five.  I helped with that; we had an easy-meal; and then I took care of the clean-up before moving on to spend the rest of the evening with Ethan and Ehlana while Mom and Dad both worked in the office.

We biked to the park; had some playground time that included hanging out with some other kids and teens; and then came home again with enough time to watch a movie together in the lounge before bedtime.  That time with the twins was the best part of my day – not including the wake-up time with Michael this morning, and Ehlana and I ended her night with some sister-chat time after we’d finished tucking Ethan in and doing the bedtime story in his room.  I followed that up with a short visit with Mom and Dad in the office; Mom did my Magi lesson; and then ordered me up to bed too.

That was more than three and a half hours ago; and I’ve been very busy pretty much that entire time between my archive assignment; language studies; and family business work.  This hasn’t exactly ended up being a short update, though, and none of that work is particularly noteworthy; so I’m going to just move on and wrap this up.

I haven’t mentioned Violet and Dillon this weekend; mostly because she’s been at his house or they’ve been busy with their own friends all weekend.  They’ll be back here tomorrow again; and there may be a pattern forming there.  It is easier for his parents to have them here during the week when they’re busy with work; though Violet is going to be here for the next few days because we’ll also have the Malloys here again too.

That’ll be fun; though I won’t have much time to spend with them while getting ready for my exams.  Terry will be here this time as much for meetings with construction companies and town officials as for more work around and in the river; but I’m sure that Angela and the kids will have fun with Mom, Ethan, and Ehlana for the next few days.  I wish that I could have more time to get in on that fun, and I actually could do that without a problem for my own exams; but I’ll be there to help my friends and couldn’t do that without blowing my ‘normal teen’ cover anyway.

The good news is that we’re now less than three weeks away from summer vacation; the school work will be done in two weeks; and that last week of school is all fun and games anyway.  It’s officially June now, and that also means that we’ll have our first baseball weekend starting on Friday.  We’ll have two games this weekend for my family – the coed game on Friday night and Michael’s game on Saturday afternoon.  Rowen and I have our first match a week from Saturday – after exams are finished.  That’ll work out better for us; but I doubt that impending exams will affect Michael, Tim, or the other guys on either team for their match.  They have a good team this season, and while I think that Rowen and I have a better team for the girls’ 12-14 division; we should all be in for a pretty good season this summer.

I’ll keep you posted on that as the season goes along, but that’s definitely more than enough news for tonight; I’m out of here; and, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!