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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cassie's Journal - June 10, 2015

It’s been another really, really hot day; and the only down side to that is the fact that we’re stuck writing exams and then getting ready for the next ones tomorrow instead of enjoying the great weather!

Okay, you can just ignore the fact that it’s Wednesday; and Michael, Tim, Rowen, and I would have had a work day instead anyway.  Go with the sentiment behind the comment and forget about applying logic! ;^)

The good news for my classmates and I is that we’re pretty much done with the toughest exams now.  I’m not the only teen getting run down from all of the work; which is probably why the easiest part of our exam schedule is at the end of it.  The same friends that were worried about the exams today still are; but I think they’ll find out that they did better than expected for both Geography and Science.  I can’t tell any of them why I know that; but I will mention here that extreme stress emotions do make it nearly impossible for me not to pick up a lot from others with my empathy and telepathy without any need to overtly use those talents.

That has occasionally made exam week a bit strange and uncomfortable; but then again it isn’t nearly as weird as being around teens when they’re in full drama mode over something like a break-up.  Let’s not even discuss the weird that goes along with the extreme emotions that go along with intense physical attractions – and having to deal with that is not restricted to teens.

Maybe I’ll ask Mom if that’s a problem for her when she’s out with the other couples at places like Sheldon’s – or not.  That might be something I don’t need to know the details for until I’m old-enough to have to deal with those situations.

Moving along, my exams were a breeze, and while my classmates don’t universally share my view on it; I don’t think that our History and Politics exams tomorrow will be a problem for any of us.  Sure, there was still a lot of memorizing needed for both subjects, but based on the level of tutoring that Michael, Rowen, and I did tonight; I’d say that tomorrow is going to be a good day for my friends.

Speaking of tutoring, I’ve wondered about how the fact that Michael, Rowen, and I do virtually all of that work with our friends will be perceived in the distant future for Magi reading my journal.  Who knows what life in Witch Falls – or the world – will be like a century or ten from now?  Whatever it’s like in your ‘now’, though, I hope my writings about things like this won’t be taken to be some kind of ego trip or anything like that.  In this case, we do the tutoring because we are the top three students in our year; and there’s nothing more to it than that.  Trust me – there are times when life would be easier for us if we pretended to be even more normal than what we’re already doing.  Other Magi have done that, do it now, and will likely go that route in the future too; but that doesn’t work for the three of us.  We have looked at that, and the majority of Magi do their education the way we do – or go with a modestly accelerated education so that they can finish college a year or two sooner than normal.

Anyway, that’s gotten way off-track; so let’s get back to it so that I can also get to my nap time soon.

While I was busy studying again tonight, Mom and Dad had their baseball practice; and Violet and Dillon helped them out with kid control at the park while they were busy.  Dinner here was again open for my friends and another easy-meal menu.  The country kids, Michael, Tim, and Rowen stayed; everyone else did their own thing; and we took care of the clean-up while my parents headed for the park and their practice.  We had most of our study time outdoors; swim breaks were happening with at least a couple of us pretty much all of the time; and we worked close to the river so that we could still ask and answer questions even while in the water.  I had fun with all of that, but I was also tired out by the time everyone went home.  Michael was in the last group of departing teens at shortly before eleven, but since we weren’t alone; the goodnight kisses and hugs were not particularly hot or exciting.

We are going to need to find a way to make up for the near-total lack of that kind of action sometime soon!

Once I was alone with my family again, Mom did a Magi lesson with me that she included Violet and Dillon for.  They aren’t doing a lot of training with her anymore; but it is fun to work with them now and then when I can – even when we end up playing with our talents a bit too long and it delays the start of my bedtime work.  Tonight we worked on a lesson about group telepathy and empathy.  None of that was actually new for me – it was the what we were doing that was different and challenging.  Basically, Mom was having me practice focusing my telepathy and empathy on the group in the house or individuals; getting me to switch the focus as quickly as possible and also ‘scan’ for certain things that she had everyone else take turns either thinking about or emoting.

That lesson was one of the highlights of the day, but it also tired me out even more; and I still had my family business and nightly computing work to do once Mom sent me up to bed at a bit before twelve-thirty.  I’ve been doing that work since climbing into bed with Mandy and my computer, and since I was too tired to shoot for another time-phase too; it’s taken me a while to get everything done – even with the bits of Magi-powered assistance I did use to fit a half-dozen hours of work into just two hours.

I really don’t have anything earth-shaking to report from that work, though; so let’s just wrap this up and I’ll get on with my nap time.  The last bit of news I have from today is about weekend plans that we were discussing while studying tonight.  A celebration camping adventure might happen here at my house, but that might not be an option if the weather forecast for a rainy weekend holds.  Doing that would be fun, and I hope that we can; but I expect that if we have a rainy weekend that I’ll be either helping out at the med center or with kid control while the parents are busy there.  Michael and Rebecca will need to be back to helping out at the Inn this weekend too; and I’ll probably join them for that on Sunday since they aren’t the only teens with most of the week off from work this week.

Other than the camping that may or may not happen at all, that sounds a lot like I’m going to be in for a very busy work weekend instead of a break after exams.  Now I really want to be sleeping instead of thinking about that, so that’s all for tonight; and, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!