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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Cassie's Journal - April 3, 2017

Happy 37th Birthday, Owen!

My main involvement in his special day was the babysitting services that Michael and I provided while Mom and Dad were at Owen’s birthday dinner.  We stopped by on the way to school to drop off a gift and best wishes too; but Rowen, Tim, Patrick, and Jessica were the only teens at the dinner.

It’s late, so let’s take the rest of the story from the beginning; and then I need to get some sleep.

It’s rained off and on all day, and while it was warm-enough; that kept us indoors most of the time – and the walks to and from school were not all that much fun.  Tai Chi was indoors; we rushed breakfast to have time for the visit with Owen; and then we had a standard Monday at school – though we did have one test that stressed a few of our less-prepared classmates.  Michael came home with me after school; we did our homework; and then took over kid control while Mom went to start getting ready for the birthday dinner party.  She went over to the Emerson’s house early to help with the dinner prep-work, and while she was doing that; Michael and I cooked dinner for our little gang.  When Dad came home, Zack and Brianna were dropped off too; and then we were on our own for a few hours as soon as Dad got ready and headed down the street to meet up with Mom and enjoy the play time with their friends.

Michael and I fed our little gang; played with them after that; had a music practice that also helped to keep the kids entertained; and then watched a couple of kids’ shows until Mom and Dad got home.  Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanne picked up Zack and Brianna; Mom did a Magi lesson with Michael and me; and then he went home so that I could get to work.  Mom and Dad still needed to do their homework too, so we took care of getting the twins tucked in for the night; and then got to work in the office.  I used a time phase to help out with getting done more quickly, and while that helped Mom and Dad quite a bit; I still had lots of work to get done after they were finished and we all headed up to our rooms.

I am still finished sooner than I would have been had I worked in normal time for everything, but the time phase has tired me out; and I’m pretty much ready to crash now.

Parts of our day have been fun, but this is one night when the work has just been a bit too much; so I’m going to head into nap mode now and forget about all of the responsibilities for a while.

Until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!