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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Cassie's Journal - April 2, 2017

Now that you’ve flipped the digital page sometime in my near or distant future; let’s get started on that double update!

On Friday night, Michael and I had a bit of fun with our make-out session before falling asleep for our sofa sleepover.  Saturday morning came a bit early, but we had fun working the breakfast shift at the Inn.  I ended up doing chores for most of the day after that through until part-way through Michael’s afternoon break; so that was my only break of the day too.  Dad and I only had our lunch on the fly so we could keep going on one of the jobs we were doing in the yard, and even out afternoon break wasn’t really much of a break because we went to the park with the twins, Naomi, and Aiden so that they could run around for an hour or so while Mom and Dad got a break from all kids and teens.

The dinner shift on Saturday was busy, and while there were some April Fools’ Day jokes and pranks going on around the Inn at breakfast; there was more of that during the dinner rush – including from some of our customers.  That made the shift more entertaining, but I was glad that Michael and I didn’t need to work until close; and we were able to get out a bit early once the main rush was finished.  Our movie night with four junior show-watching buddies was a blast, and while most teens might not think that was possible; I really love spending time with my brother, sister, and their besties.  I think about that more now because I am less than a year and a half away from going to college; so I need to start spending extra time with Ethan and Ehlana before I’ll be away for most of that next five years.

I’ll try not to bore you too often by repeating that sentiment, but it will be a recurring part of my life; so it will pop up now and then.

We watched two movies; all four kids fell asleep mid-way through the second one; and Michael and I didn’t bother taking them downstairs to bed; since we were all very comfortable and not even slightly-interested in moving.  Mom and Dad took pictures for future reference, and while Michael and I still get teased about sofa sleepovers; it was Ethan and Naomi getting teased the most on Sunday – especially after Liz saw those pictures before church.

Tai Chi on Sunday was chilly, and we dodged the rain to do that out by the river; but we were glad to be able to do that together.  Michael and I were at his house for breakfast; the food was great; and the video chat with Jake and Stephanie was the entertainment highlight.  We had fun at church too, and the Sunday school work on the Easter service sets and costumes is nearly-done now after our latest teen-group-effort to get everything done.  We do have one more Sunday to deal with some finishing touches; so we won’t likely need to have anyone do extra work during the last week before Easter.

Work was the name of the game for me during the rest of the day.  I was planning on taking the lunch shift off, but while the rain was an off-and-on thing today; it was enough to fill the Inn at lunch and during both buffets; so Miranda needed the extra help at lunch too.  Michael and I did homework during our afternoon break; so we pretty much stayed at the Inn from shortly-after Sunday school through until we were able to close the Inn at a bit after ten o’clock.  I stopped in at his house on the way home; we had a bedtime chat and snack with his parents and sister; and then I came home and got to work again.

Mom did a Magi lesson with me; I had bedtime visits with Ethan and Ehlana on the way up to my room; and then I multi-tasked some Jacuzzi time with family business work.  I’ve used a time-phase when I could; worked in real time when needed; and now I’m past-ready to crash and nap.  This hasn’t exactly been the most exciting weekend of my life, but we’ve had as much fun as we could manage around and with all of the work; so I’m happy – if too tired.

We have two weeks to go until Easter; so life is sure to speed up a bit again.  I want to be ready for that, and while I only have time for a nap before it’ll be time to get up and start my school week; that’ll have to be good-enough.

Okay, self-healing is an option, but every minute of sleep is a bit less healing I’ll need, and that has its own costs; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!