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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Cassie's Journal - April 28, 2017

Happy 15th Birthday, Emma!

She is most-happy today about joining the first level of teen drivers; and is now one step closer to the freedom that all farm kids in our area – and possibly everywhere – desire most after a decade and a half of comparative isolation.  Emma is having a party and sleepover at her house too, but Michael and I worked the dinner-to-close shift, and we have to work the breakfast shift too; so we didn’t even go out to the farm and make an appearance.  We did give her a birthday gift this morning, and did extra work at the Inn so that Rebecca could be out there for the night, but the only other involvement we had with Emma’s birthday was a few cameo minutes at lunchtime as a bunch of us gathered around to wish her a happy birthday in song – including all of the cheerleaders and most of the football team players.

Okay, this is supposed to be a double update; so let’s back up to Thursday morning; and work our way through to now.

As I mentioned in the blurb last night, I was back to something close to full-power by Thursday morning after getting a decent night of rest.  Tai Chi was chilly, but by the river.  We had a bit of rain here and there, but it was a bit warmer too by mid-afternoon; so that was an improvement.  There isn’t any news from my school day to report, but the twins had a work afternoon at the lab and archive; so they had more fun than I did – even if most teens and kids wouldn’t think of genetics research or reading old books as being fun at all.  They are going to need to cut back on that by next September when they start at school full-time in Grade One, though; so they’ll try to do more work now while they can.

Michael and I went to the Inn after school; we helped out with some work on the second and third floors; and then worked the dinner shift until game night started in the main dining room.  We didn’t stay for the gaming; Michael came home with me; and the highlight of our evening was a fairly hot make-out session that might have been done in a time phase to make sure we had all of the time to play that we wanted.  There was some studying and a music practice too; but the teen-rated fun was definitely the best part of my night.  When Mom, Dad, and the twins got home from the Inn, we did a Magi lesson with Mom; spent some time with Ethan and Ehlana while getting them tucked in for the night; and then Michael went home while I came up to my room and got to work on the pile of family business projects and language studying that I wanted to get done ahead of the weekend.

You already know how long that took me, and I was totally fried because I did a lot of that work and studying in a time phase.  That burned up pretty much all of my energy reserves; and the nap I had time for after that didn’t help to make up for that deficit.  I used some self-healing on Friday morning to get through the day; but that actually wore me out too.  We had more rain this morning, so Tai Chi was indoors; we had a standard work and school day breakfast; and another quiet, uneventful day at school – except for Emma’s birthday fun.  As I mentioned already, Michael and I did extra work at the Inn tonight to make up for Rebecca – and a few other teens – taking the night off for Emma’s party.  That started with more work upstairs, but the Inn remodel in nearly-done now; so that’s just getting exciting as we do our small part to help with that work.

We were also short-staffed tonight; and that meant taking shorter breaks and working later – at least for Michael, his parents, and me.  I still had a lot of fun working with Miranda; and we’re both pretty good at kicking it up a notch or three when needed.  It was still closer to eleven than ten by the time we headed home, though, and since Michael and I will be at the Inn early; we said our goodnights out in front of his house and split up so that we could just head to bed instead of wrapping up our day with some cuddle time.  A sofa sleepover would have been nice, but we’ll save that up for a night when I’m not totally exhausted.  Mom and Dad were still awake and doing some homework in the office, but Ethan and Ehlana had gone to bed by then; so I only had a short visit with the parents; stopped in for kisses with the twins; and then came up to my room.

Taking a long soak in the Jacuzzi was tempting, but I settled for a shower to avoid offending my cat’s sensitive nose while we sleep tonight; and then I ended up doing a bit of family business work that came up via email while doing by bedtime computer checks.  This update is all I have left to do, and I’d have cut it short if not for the fact that I’ve done that too often this week already.  I really am wiped out again, though; so let’s wrap this up so I can get a few hours of sleep before getting up and started on another busy work weekend.

That is what Michael and I will be doing over the next couple of days – working.  We may also be in for a very damp weekend; though the forecasts have been fairly unreliable this spring; so I’ll just keep you posted on that.  We do need to put in extra time now, since we have a lot happening in May – with the completion of the Inn remodel and Jacob and Stephanie’s homecoming at the top of our family fun adventures over the next four or five weeks.  Add in SAT testing, a holiday weekend, and everything else we have on the go; and life is going to get even busier for us.

I know, you’re wondering how I’ll do that when I’m going twenty hours a day most days already, but as usual; I’ll find a way to keep up – and hopefully have a bit of fun here and there too.  Speaking of that, I should have included the family weddings in that little list – one wedding for my family; and one for Uncle Adam’s side of the family.  I’ll keep you posted on that news as it happens, but it really is past-time for me to crash now; so let’s not get into a rambling wedding report.

That breakfast shift starts in a handful of hours, and I really do need to be rested-enough to keep up with that work; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!