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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Cassie's Journal - April 14, 2017

It’s Good Friday, and as I’ve mentioned before; it seems appropriate when it rains – at least in the morning.

The rain didn’t arrive until after we were able to be by the river for Tai Chi, but it was here in time for the trip to church; so we took the minivan instead of walking.  Good Friday services are usually fairly-short and quite solemn; and this version was no exception.  Michael and I helped out with the music with a duet, and while the occasion is solemn; I’ll still admit that there is joy and love that goes along with the music every time we play and sing together.  That feels a bit strange on Good Friday, but it’s true anyway; so there’s no point in pretending it isn’t like that for us.  One thing that is different about the Good Friday service is that we don’t get a lot of praise for our music; and I actually think that’s the way it should always be when it comes to church.  It may be a worn-out sentiment, but when it really isn’t supposed to be about us at all – it’s about the messages we sing about; so I hope that I never feel differently about that.

Moving along, while the service was solemn and subdued compared to our normal services; the rest of the day was livelier.  That seems like an odd contrast too, but we really don’t get many family days when all of the stores in town are closed; so we take advantage of them when they do happen.  That’s also why we’re having a camping night by the river; though I’ll get to that part of the update in a minute.

After church, we had a break in the rain; but that wasn’t quite it for the day and we had another blast of wet around lunchtime.  Michael and I had that meal at his house along with his parents, Rebecca, Lucas, and most of the Bassett clan – or at least all of Michael’s aunts, uncles, and available first cousins.  That reminds me to mention that this is an away holiday weekend for my family, so we don’t have any weekend guests.  Uncle Nick, Aunt Deborah and the kids are away with her family; and Uncle Mark, Aunt Grace, and their kids are away visiting her family.  Uncle Adam is the on-call doctor this weekend; so the Carringtons are here – and they had dinner with us tonight.

It took a while for things to start drying up outside today, but that did eventually happen; and we’ve had a decent afternoon and beautiful spring evening.  The decision to have a camping night came fairly-early in the afternoon as the weather forecast started to look good for doing that, and while we didn’t end up with a major camping event; we do have six tents in our little campground.  We waited until late-afternoon to set them up; and spent most of the afternoon biking and playing at the park.  Ethan and Ehlana invited Naomi, Aiden, and Sophia to the camping night; Rowen, Tim, Rebecca, and Lucas signed up too; and we added Patrick, Jessica, Scott, Lindsay, and Ryan to the group.  Zack, Brianna, and Eli were added last – at dinnertime; and mostly because Zack and Eli could not get parental approval to have an unsupervised camping night in either of their back yards.  Rowen and I have three junior campers in our tent, but Michael and Tim have the toughest job tonight with Zack and Eli in their tent with them.

I’m sure of that because I can still hear the boys in the tent next to us; while our little camping buddies are all sleeping now.  Add Rowen to that list; since she’s sleeping now too.

Moving along – again; we had our campsite set up by the time dinner was ready.  That meal was outdoors, and in addition to the Carringtons; we had Naomi’s family with us.  Aiden was with his family for dinner, but was dropped off early in the evening because his father needed to get to sleep and be up in the middle of the night to start baking for what is sure to be a busy day at the Olde Bakery.  We didn’t have a major meal today because we will be doing that on Sunday; so the clean-up was easy too.  Once that little blast of work was finished; we headed for the park again to do more biking and playing; got home again in time for a campfire; and did that until shortly before eleven; when Mom and Dad put an end to it because we all have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow.

For Michael and I, that’s going to start with the breakfast buffet shift – and that’s part of the reason for why we have the extra teen help for the camping tonight.  Mom and Dad will need that help in the morning while Michael and I are busy – and we will be; since Miranda is doing a holiday weekend breakfast buffet.

Ending the campfire at eleven o’clock didn’t mean we were in our sleeping bags by eleven-fifteen.  It took more than a half-hour to clean up from the campfire; get all of the kids ready for bed; and into their sleeping bags.  There was some girl chat and a bedtime story in our tent; Rowen and I met up with the rest of the teens for a bedtime chat by the river after that; and we’ve been back in our tents since twelve-thirty.

I couldn’t leave my bedtime computing for a second night in a row; so I’ve been doing that since Rowen and I tucked ourselves in for the night.  We’ve been having a little girl chat too, but as I already mentioned; Rowen’s in nap mode now.  I had some family business work to deal with, but have that done now; and it wasn’t anything major.  Michael and I do need to get up early, though; so I’m not doing any extra work or studying tonight.  We also have the Easter Egg hunt in the park tomorrow morning and three buffet dinners to work tomorrow too; so I should probably just wrap this up and join Rowen in nap mode.

This has been a quiet start to our holiday weekend, but it is going to get busier starting first thing in the morning; so I guess that’s it for now.

Until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!