Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cassie's Journal - April 18, 2017

Happy 50th Birthday, Jacob!

Not-so-happy Tax Day for everyone trying to beat the deadline today! ;^)

We’ve had a nice weather day for both; though I’m sure that Jacob’s birthday has been more fun for him than tax day deadline issues have been for others all over the country.

Tai Chi by the river was nice, but we kept that short so that Michael could get home and help with his father’s special breakfast.  I wasn’t in on that because Rebecca and Michael wanted to do that with just their parents.  I was busy with Mom and the twins instead, though; and was in on the party tonight.  Before I go there, though; I’ll add in the news here that Mom is going to the city tomorrow for a hotel sleepover with Dad; and Rowen and I will be babysitting the twins.  She’ll have the day off from work because she’s been putting in extra time at the store and data center during tax season; and we’re overdue for some best friends’ time.  We haven’t decided for sure whether we’ll have Aiden and Naomi with us; and there’s a chance we’ll have the girls while the boys stay at Aiden’s so that we can have a girls’ night at our house.  I’ll keep you posted on that later.

We had lots of time for breakfast and getting ready for school; Michael and I had a good day while we were there; and then we hurried home to his house to help with the party prep work.  That ended up being an outdoor set-up since it was so nice out; Miranda had lots of help with the food; and then Michael and I were on kid control for the social hour and dinner for a very large gang of family and friends.  Getting the younger kids fed kept us busy for a while; we were the delivery crew that took plates of food to the friends that couldn’t come to us due to tax day; and then we were on the clean-up crew after dinner while grandparents and parents took over watching the kids.

With the renovations nearing completion at the Inn, Jacob and Miranda couldn’t go away for a few days, but Lucas and I could help them out with a kid-free night; which is why Michael is here with me tonight and Rebecca is out at the farm.  I should also mention that we skipped all practices tonight to help and attend the party instead, and from what I heard from some of the teen drop-in guests to the party; the turnout for all three practices was very low because of the combination of Jacob’s party and parents being busy with tax day.

By the way, it makes total sense to wait until the last day to file returns if you have to make an additional payment to the government, but it also makes sense to have everything ready to go and just submit the returns on tax day instead of leaving most of the work until the last minute too.  Everyone doing those jobs is always exhausted by the end of tax day after upwards of several months of busy; and I always wish that Rowen’s parents didn’t have to work quite so hard every April.

Okay, moving along; Michael and I worked until around eight-thirty before the clean-up was done; we had some play time with everyone after that until I brought Michael home with me when it was time for the kids to leave and the adults to hang out together for a while longer.  We brought Ethan and Ehlana home with us; took care of getting them into bed; and then did our homework while waiting for Mom to get home.  She ended up staying at Michael’s house for quite a while; so I took care of my must-do family business work while Michael surfed the net on his computer; Mom did a Magi lesson with us when she got home; and now Michael and I are going to have a sofa sleepover once I join him in the lounge.

I’m multi-tasking this last bit of bedtime computing while getting ready for bed, and while we’ll be snuggling on the sofa before midnight; I’m not planning on letting Michael fall asleep quite yet because we are way overdue for some quality, teen-rated make-out fun!

The details for that won’t be in my next report, but you don’t need a dose of future voyeurism about a couple of teen Magi anyway; so don’t even use your imagination for that!

I do want to get to that Michael and me playtime now, though, and I’m nearly-done getting cleaned up and ready to wow him; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!