Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cassie's Journal - April 25, 2017

Happy 13th Birthday, Jessica!

Michael and I could only manage a cameo visit to her party after we were done our teen praise team practice tonight, but we also still had our homework to do; so we didn’t stay for long.  We also did the birthday gift thing with her this morning; and missed out on her birthday dinner.  We helped out with her birthday fun at lunch, but that was mostly for Patrick’s benefit; since he’d requested the help to make sure he didn’t mess up her special day.

From what I saw tonight; I’d say he succeeded.

The rest of my day was a long way from birthday-party fun.  Tai Chi this morning was by the river, and the rest of my morning was pretty good thanks to the bonus birthday fun with Jessica before school, but my school day was uneventful – again except for the bonus fun with Jessica at lunchtime; and the Michael and I were too busy with our three practices.  We were tempted to skip them again this week, but didn’t want to do that twice in a row – even though we would have liked to help Jessica’s parents with the work for her party tonight.  That just didn’t work out, and we do need to keep working for next parades, concerts, and Sunday services; and we want to lead by example.

With Easter behind us, we didn’t need to push hard at our teen praise team practice; and managed to get finished in decent time.  That didn’t help out with getting our homework done thanks to the birthday party cameo visit, but it did mean we weren’t even later than we would have been – or we might have missed the end of the party entirely; since it is a school night and Jessica had a time limit for her party.  When we did eventually get to my house, we used a time phase to get the homework done quickly; did a Magi lesson with Mom; and then took care of getting the twins tucked in for the night before Michael and I spent a bit of time in the lounge winding down and saying goodnight to each other in a non-verbal sort of way.

That delayed my work and studying, but we needed that break; and it didn’t make a lot of difference in the grand scheme of things when I still had hours and hours of work to get done.  More time phasing was involved where possible, but there were still hours more of work to do in ‘real’ time; so that’s why I’ll again only have time for a nap tonight.

Too much to do in one day is also why I’m totally fried, and getting into nap mode now is an option; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!