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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Cassie's Journal - April 4, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday, Hailey!

She had a party today that some of my cousins went to, and Ethan was there too; though that was to give Aiden some best friend support while he was dealing with a house full of two and three-year old kids.  Hannah had some help for that too, but Mom wasn’t one of the volunteers this time.  Maybe that had something to do with Ehlana going to hang out with Naomi while Ethan was busy and me going to Michael’s for the after school studying and dinner before our marching band committee meeting; but let’s not write about what my parents might have been doing with a couple of hours of kid-free time after Dad got home from work. ;^)

My day started out with Tai Chi by the river; though it was a bit chilly out for that thanks to another thirty-plus degree swing in temperature overnight.  It was still nice-enough out, though; and we really want to be outside for our workouts.  Michael and I split up for breakfast and so that he could get to his morning weight training with Tim and the handful of guys still doing that most days with them.  Breakfast with Mom, Dad, and the twins in the sunroom was nice; and then my school day was fairly uneventful – except for talk of the marching band making the top news story for the day as a lot of us are getting very excited about starting that tomorrow.

I went home with Michael after school, though we did a quick side-trip to drop off a gift for Hailey and wish her a Happy Birthday along the way.  We did our homework; had a music practice; and then had dinner with his parents and sister before cleaning up and going on to our meeting with Mom and Miranda.  That last meeting before we actually start the practices was actually fairly short.  We’re ready to go with everything right now; so it’s up to the students now to get the band together and hopefully sounding great by the time we have our first parade on Memorial Day; and get going on our fundraising – including hitting the targets we need to reach each month – though this first month goal is fairly modest.  It will get tougher as we try to really bring in the money during the summer – and especially on holiday weekends; but I’m just going to take that a month at a time and hope that my fellow band members will be as serious about making this work as I am.

Since we had our homework and music practice done already, Michael and I didn’t have more to do after the shortest meeting we’ve had so far; so we went for a walk; enjoyed the evening weather; and then he walked me home and left me there so that I could get to my work and studying a bit earlier than planned.  That didn’t happen until after I had a visit with Mom, Dad, Ethan, and Ehlana; and we traded the daily updates; but then I came up to my room, got ready for bed, and got to work on my computer.

I also felt decent-enough to time phase while doing most of that work; so I’m going to be done everything and sleeping before midnight.  Yes, that still doesn’t really make any difference from working in normal time and getting less sleep, but it’s the way I decided to work tonight; and the actual down time might help a bit tomorrow night when I’ll be trying to do this again after a busy school day; three practices; and the homework that’ll still need to be done after that.  That thought alone is making me sleepy, and I don’t have anything else to report today anyway; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!