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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Cassie's Journal - February 4, 2016

The early night helped to have me feeling a bit more like my usual self this morning, but I guess that I am going to need to cut back a bit on the workload for a little while because I’m really right back to being exhausted again as I’m writing this hours after I should have been sleeping.

We’ve had a good day; though still cooler than those warmer days we got to have that were just a taste of spring that we’d like to see more of around here.  I haven’t mentioned our Tai Chi workouts in a little while, so I’ll mention that Michael and I are having a lot of fun as he learned Pushing Hands; and he really does have a natural talent for martial arts.  Michael stayed for a quick breakfast today before going home and then on to school for his morning weight training; and I took the extra time getting ready for the day before meeting up with Rowen for the walk to school that we ended up doing with Naomi when she was ready to go at the same time we were.

Despite the better weather, I’m wondering if winter is dragging on me too; because I’m having to force the enthusiasm while we’re in classes right now.  Today, other than having fun while on our lunch break; those hours were just a way to get from morning to afternoon.  I went on to the Inn with Michael once we were set free; we did our homework together; and then helped out with a fairly slow dinner rush that was fairly easy even while still managing to keep us busy until game night started.  We stayed for that and had fun playing with our families and friends; I helped with the post-gaming clean-up; and then walked home with Michael and his family once we were done at the Inn.  I stayed with them for a bedtime snack and chat; so I wasn’t home again until ten-thirty.

The twins were still up because they’d wanted to see me before going to bed, so I had another chat with them – and with Mom and Dad; and then I took care of getting them tucked in for the night before doing my Magi lesson with Mom.  All of that added up to a late start to my bedtime computing, work, and studies.  Mom and Dad were just heading to bed then too; so I began my work by multi-tasking that with some Jacuzzi time.  I needed to soak in the tub by then, but it also slowed me down a bit as I relaxed a bit too much and nearly fell asleep while working on my language studies.  I got out of the tub after the third time I started to drift off so that I wouldn’t have that distraction; rushed getting my hair done; and then got serious about my work and studies for the next few hours.

The good news is that I managed to get everything done.  The better is that I’ll be able to take the weekend off except for any must-do family business work that comes up between now and Monday.  Make that Tuesday; since I’ll try not to work all night on my birthday.  While we don’t have any major plans this weekend, there are Super Bowl parties going on around here on Sunday; and I expect to be helping out at the Inn for the buffet and game-watching party they’re doing there.  I’ll keep you posted on that; but can add that Dad’s still hosting a party at our house this year – mostly so that other families can get a chance to go to that party at the Inn or at Sheldon’s Pub.  Rebecca, Michael, and I talked a bit about being overdue for a teen night too, but other than promising to talk about it tomorrow; we haven’t made any plans there either.

It must be time for me to crash now, since it’s taken all of that just to basically say that I studied, worked, studied, and then worked some more with just a bit of play time mixed in; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!