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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cassie's Journal - January 24, 2016

Happy 15th Birthday, Lisa!

As with a lot of my friends this past year, Lisa’s birthday party dinner was at the Inn today; though the total extent of my involvement with her big day was when Michael and I gave her our gift while we were at church this morning and a visit to her table while we were on our break to again wish her a Happy Birthday.

The rest of my day can be summed up by one word – work.

Since I did leave you with that little cliff-hanger about Tim, I’ll mention that he was wearing clothes when Rowen and I joined our boys in the lounge; but he also half-won the sofa sleepover non-battle.  What I mean there is that he and Rowen got to have the sofa and lounge for their goodnight make-out session; and they dragged that out for quite a while before Rowen sent him off to bed so that she could actually get some sleep before we needed to be awake and working kid control for a few hours.

I didn’t get to have an uninterrupted night of sleep because Brianna wanted to play for a while at around three-thirty.  After changing her diaper and feeding her a bottle, she still wanted to snuggle; so Mandy and I ended up keeping her with us until morning – and we all loved that a lot.

My lack of sleep did make my morning a bit tougher, but Mom, Rowen, and I also had fun playing dress-up with the other girls; and the entire breakfast adventure was non-stop entertainment and action even though it was also exhausting to keep up with all of the kids.  We did eventually get everyone ready and off to church; and then going to Sunday school with my friends almost felt like nap time by comparison – even with the bits of birthday fun for Lisa.

Church and Sunday school was followed by lunch at home for me with my family while Michael went to work at the Inn.  Work was still the word of the day for me then because I helped out with cooking lunch and then cleaning up because Dad had a lot of work to get done today.  Mom and I then took the twins over to the lab so that we’d be out of Dad’s way; I helped out in the lab until I needed to go home again and get ready to work the buffet shift; and then I spent the next five hours or so helping out with the cooking and cleaning for the two dinner sittings that kept all of us busy through until the Inn closed for the night.

Dad was still working in the office when I got home again, but Mom was having some quality Jacuzzi time; and the twins had been sent to bed early after a very late night on Saturday.  Since I had a lot of work and studying to do then, I went and got my computer; used a time phase; and Dad and I both finished all of our must-do work or studying by eleven-thirty.

We headed for bed then; I’m writing this while having a time-phased soak in my tub; and I still plan on being asleep as soon as possible so that I can catch up on my rest too.  This hasn’t exactly been the most-fun day ever by a long shot, but the fun moments have still helped to make it a good day; and I always feel grateful to be able to say that about even the not-so-fun days around here.

I do need to wrap this up and finish getting ready for bed if I want to get to the extended nap time, though, and I don’t have anything else particularly interesting to write about; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!

P.S. Judging by the smiles of the parents at Liz’s party and particularly the parents that got to have kid-free nights on Saturday; you might want to check out those Magi journals in the archives for the hottest news from Witch Falls this weekend.  I seriously don’t want to hear those details; but then I’ll likely have a different opinion about that once I’m a bit older.  That change in attitude won’t include those types of stories about my parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles; but I’m sure that you know what I mean! ;^)