Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Friday, August 5, 2016

Cassie's Journal - August 5, 2016

Before I get to the news from around here, I need to mention a family wedding that I haven’t even written about this summer – mostly because I’ve had no involvement in it at all.  Christina’s sister, Michelle, is getting married to Neil Ryan tomorrow.  I might not have even paid any attention to that today if it wasn’t for the fact that the local members of the Johnson and Carrington clan headed out today for the weekend to attend that wedding.  I was so oblivious to all of that yesterday that I didn’t even notice that Christina and Josiah left for her home sometime on Thursday, since she’s one of Michelle’s bridesmaids along with Tory and one of Neil’s sisters.

I was happy to get home in time to see Uncle Adam, Aunt Leanne, Zack, and Brianna before they left town; but I didn’t see anyone else before they left – partly because I was working at the Inn while some of those departures were going on.  Let’s hope that they’ll have a great weekend, and that Michelle and Neil get to have a wonderful start to married life, but other than offering those best wishes; there isn’t anything else for me to add to that news – especially when you can likely read all about it from the perspective of other Magi who will be there for the big event.

With that said; let’s get on with my own news – starting with the tail-end of Denise’s party last night.

Mom ended up being our driver to Quarry Lake, and that ended up being very important to the rest of my night because she helped me out with warding the minivan while we drove out there; I healed Michael of his fatigue; and then healed myself too so that we could really enjoy the play time with our friends instead of just going there and falling asleep the way I’d expected.  That was the good news.  The good and bad is that we stayed up and partied with our friends until it was past-two; we followed that up with a fair bit of quality make-out time in our tent after that; and then we only had time left for a nap once we were finally ready to get a bit of sleep.  We woke up to a fairly energetic thunderstorm just before dawn – not that we got to see a sunrise while the storm was rolling through.

That caused quite a few problems for us because we needed to get packed up and ready to go; and that doesn’t work out very well when the tents and some of your gear is wet.  Michael and I skipped Tai Chi; dealt with packing up; and then had a ride back to town with Rowen and Tim.  While the boys headed over to the park for a football workout; Rowen and I took care of setting up the tents again in my backyard so that they could dry out; and then she headed to the store to work while I got busy with chores.  I fit in the goodbye visit with the Carringtons around the work; and then gave myself extra chores by deciding to mow their lawn too once I was finished cutting the grass at our house.  While that hadn’t been requested, it needed to be done; and I’m overdue for helping out a bit more when my family needs it.  All of the yard work and chores in the house kept me busy through until I needed to get ready for my dinner-to-close shift at the Inn; and I didn’t end up spending any time with Michael during his breaks because he wasn’t really taking breaks anyway.

It wasn’t quite as hot out today, but it was still hot in the kitchen when I got there to help with the dinner prep work; and stayed hot all evening.  We were busy, but not as crazy as it’s been for some of the other shifts I’ve worked over the past couple of weeks.  This time, the lack of sleep last night started to catch up with me, though; and I had to push myself to keep going.  Michael, Rebecca, Jenny, and I still mostly had fun along with all of the work, but by the time we were set free for the night; I was ready to walk home with Michael; kiss him goodnight; and head for my room and some Jacuzzi time before going to bed for the night.

Mom and Dad were still up and watching a movie with the twins, but Violet and Dillon were out for the evening, I hadn’t missed any major family fun with most of our relatives away from home for the weekend; and I kept my bedtime chat with my parents, brother, and sister very short before coming up to my room.  I’ve been in the tub since getting it filled; did my basic bedtime computing while enjoying the Jacuzzi action; and I’ll be getting out of the tub and ready for bed shortly after I finish this report.

All of the work today hasn’t been very exciting, but Michael and I did have a fairly amazing night of camping; so I’m not going to complain about the not-so-much-fun parts of my life.  I’ll have more work to do this weekend, and a baseball game to play tomorrow night if the weather is decent, but we don’t have any other major plans; so some fun with Michael after work on Saturday and Sunday might be an option.  I’ll keep you posted on that; and hope for the best!

For now, though, that’s all of the news I have for tonight; getting some sleep will help out in case I do get the chance for some Michael and me alone time; and I mostly want to wrap this up because I’m exhausted and ready to stop thinking for a while.

There is something I should mention before moving on – the 2016 Olympics in Rio.  The opening ceremony was tonight; so millions around the world are focused on the Olympic Games.  I won’t be one of them, but that’s entirely a personal choice that I wouldn’t dream of pushing on anyone else.  I’m not against international sports or competitions; I just don’t think that the Olympics are what they were meant to be anymore.  Maybe they will be again someday, but until that happens; I won’t be watching the show or supporting the Olympics in any way.

Okay, time to not go there and start some ranting that isn’t needed; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!