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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Cassie's Journal - August 16, 2016

Day two of our amusement park adventure was amazing; and we had awesome weather to go along with the fun!

Tai Chi out by the hotel pool was great – and entertaining; since we had a nice little audience by the time we were done.  Hopping in the pool for a swim to cool off after that was good too; and then we headed back to our rooms to take turns showering and getting ready for the day before checking out and meeting up to go out for breakfast.  We did that at a pancake house; had lots of time to enjoy the food; and then we headed over to the amusement park in time for the park opening.

Michael, Lucas, Rebecca, and I went off on our own for an hour or so of extreme rides; we met up with everyone else for some family play time and to watch a couple of shows; and then we had lunch together before doing another round of extreme rides that included the parents while we again took turns keeping the four kids entertained too while taking turns on the rollercoasters and other high-octane thrill rides.  We had an afternoon ice cream snack break, but decided not to switch to the water park even though it was hot-enough that we’d have had fun with that instead; and stayed at the amusement park until around five o’clock before heading out and on our way home.  We picked up fast food before hitting the highway, and the only difference from the trip to the amusement park was that we started out with girls’ and guys’ minivans for the first half of the trip.

That was fine with me, since it did give me one more chance for some quality time with Mom, Miranda, Rebecca, Ehlana, and Naomi; while Rebecca and I still got to have some cuddle time with our respective boyfriends during the last half of the trip after our mid-way stop for washroom breaks, drinks, and snacks.

Mom ended up with just the four younger kids in the van with her; and Naomi conveniently ended up in the back seat with Ethan instead of Ehlana.  Michael and I did our best to cuddle together anyway, but Rebecca and Lucas won the non-battle for the back seat in ‘our’ minivan; so we had to cuddle across the bucket seats to do that.  We did have fun chatting with Jacob and Miranda while Rebecca mostly napped and Lucas mostly just listened in while cuddling with her.  We were home and had the vans unloaded before midnight, but while Lucas could have headed home then; he decided to stay the night at Rebecca’s house instead of taking the chance of waking his parents and family when he did get home – a near-certainty; since his truck isn’t exactly the quietest vehicle around here.

I won’t be surprised to find out that Rebecca has a cuddle buddy tonight; but I’ll let you know about that if I find out the answer tomorrow.  Having Michael for a cuddle buddy would be nice, but he’s working the breakfast shift; so we didn’t even spend much time together once the first load from their van was taken into the house.  I pretty much just said goodnight to him after doing that; and then came home to help Mom with the work at our house.  Naomi and Aiden are with us tonight, so we put them to bed after dealing with unloading the van; and then we started a load of laundry so that we could get at least one load done and into the dryer before heading off to sleep.  We both had work to do too, so we used a time phase and worked in the office to get that done while waiting for that load of laundry to finish washing.  I needed some tub time after that, so once we were finished most of the work; I came up to my room and hopped into my Jacuzzi.

This update is being written while I’m soaking in the tub; and I’ve finished a last round of email and computer checks already too.  I haven’t written much about the actual rides and shows we’ve been entertained by for the past two days, but that was all just what we did; while it was the doing everything with people I love a lot that means everything to me.  It makes up for all of the times when the work or other commitments have to come first – and it will be that real world we’ll be getting back to in just a handful of hours.

Before I wrap this up, though, I want to mention one bit of future plans news from today.  Rebecca, Jenny, and I have talked about it now and then, but Rebecca, Lucas, Michael, and I spent some time talking about the idea that Rebecca and Jenny could start up their own fast food business here at home after college – and go to college for restaurant management.  Up to now, they’ve mostly just talked about it as more wishful thinking than real possibility, but I’m fairly sure that Rebecca is much more serious about it after our talk today.  Part of the reason for that is because, while she would have a place at the Inn if she wanted it; she also knows that it is going to be Jake and Stephanie running the place in the future – not that Jacob and Miranda will be retiring anytime soon.  I think that she really likes the idea of being her own boss instead; and bringing the fast food to town that she and Jenny have only wished for until now would be really awesome.  We’ve promised to talk about it more; I’ve promised to help out with researching it, since Jenny is definitely not into that sort of thing; and Michael and I have volunteered to help out too whenever she needs us if they do come up with a plan and go for it.

Now we’ll just have to help her make that dream come true! ;^)

Okay, that’s all I really want to report for tonight, and it’s time for me to get out of the tub and into bed now anyway; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!