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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Cassie's Journal - August 21, 2016

Happy 16th Birthday, Tim!

Being the kid of a business owner in town isn’t always fun for teens – especially once you’re old-enough to help out.  Tim didn’t have a problem being the kid of an auto and farm equipment sales and service business today when he found out that he was the proud new owner of a use, but really awesome, convertible Corvette!

He was all grins today, and we had fun with that this morning while hanging out with him at church, but that’s getting a bit ahead of my story today; so let’s take it from the top – or from my morning wake-up call that was courtesy of Ethan and Ehlana.

I must have been tired when I did finally get to sleep because they needed to come up to my room and pounce me to life, but that was fun too; and we had a fun little tickle fight and cuddle before I got up and ready for our morning workout.  Tai Chi by the river was especially nice thanks to a gorgeous sunrise and perfect workout temperature.  Michael and I had breakfast at my house after that; we split up to get ready for church; and then headed there with enough time to visit with Tim and Rowen; admire his new car; and give him our birthday gifts.  That didn’t rank even close to his Corvette, but he did like the new toys; and even played with one of them a bit later, but Michael and I weren’t in on that; since we were busy most of the day at the Inn from the time we left the church until I got home at ten-thirty or so.

The church service was more fun without the too-hot weather; ditto that for Sunday school; and that’s about all of the news from church today.  Tim had some extra attention because of his car, and I guess that’s news for him; but then I could say that for most of the birthdays with my classmates this year as we each turn sixteen and get to start driving on our own.

Moving along, the work at the Inn was a bit on the crazy side today, and contrary to the jokes; that was not simply because the Landrys were having a family and friends birthday dinner at the late buffet! ;^)

I won’t say that it isn’t a bit scary when the big men of Tim’s family all get together at the same time, but the same could be said when the football team gets together.

Oh wait – most of the football team was there with Tim too – including Michael.

That’s right – we took our main break of the day during the second buffet so that we could share the fun with our best friends.  It was a bit tougher for Jacob and Miranda to let us do that, but we did work harder before and after that break; and we weren’t really much later than normal getting out of the Inn for a Sunday night.  I really loved getting to spend that hour or so with Tim, Rowen, and everyone else around us.  Tim had more gifts to open, and considering what some of those gifts were; some of his family members had been in on the Corvette surprise.  He’ll need the help too, since I expect that it’s a bit on the expensive side to get insurance for a sixteen-year old teen on a sports car.

I’m going to wander off for a moment or two here; but that has me thinking about several things I want to include in this update.

First up, Tim did get to drive his car today, but couldn’t do that with Rowen because he has to wait until tomorrow to take his test.  He’ll also need to do that around football camp; since that starts tomorrow too.  I don’t write about it much, but getting his license won’t be a problem either; since Tim probably does more driving than Michael, Rowen, and me combined.  Michael should probably start getting out more often, since he will be able to get his license next month, but then it won’t be a problem for him anyway; and usually isn’t for any Magi teen.  It will, by the way, be nice for Rowen and I to have boyfriends that can drive during this coming school year; though I have no idea whether we’ll have time to actually go anywhere when we’ll be so busy with football, band, school, and everything else we’ll have on the go.

I’m not putting football and band ahead of school or anything else on that list – they’re just what I’m thinking about tonight with our first football game coming up on Friday.  Rowen and I will have cheerleading tryouts starting tomorrow, and while I doubt we’ll have any Grade Eleven challengers; we will have at least two new members of the squad to work with; and I’m not actually sure about how things will go this year when we’ll also be trying to juggle marching band responsibilities with cheerleading at games.  That’ll be even tougher for the football guys in the band; and we’ll need to work all of that out over the next five days.  Finally, I think that I’ll mention that Tim will be the only one of us to get a car for his birthday this year.  That isn’t all that unusual for the town kids, but Michael’s sure to get razzed about it when his best friend does have a car now; and I expect to get some jokes when it’s my turn because Violet did get a car for her sixteenth birthday.

Michael and I will need a car for college, but that’s still nearly two years away; and I have that worked out in my personal future plan anyway.  That’s news for another day, though; so let’s move on and get back to the update for today.

The lunch shift at the Inn was one of the busiest of the summer for a non-holiday weekend.  That worked out for Michael and me because we put in more time then while others took longer breaks in the afternoon.  We did get a lunch break, but then we also helped out with other jobs – including getting a couple of the rooms cleaned after guests checked out.  Before you go and start thinking that we had overnight guests at the Inn that are insane, I’ll point out that it is possible to check out early and still stay in town for the first buffet sitting! ;^)

When it was time for the buffet prep work, we were there for all of that; worked straight through until the first wave of food went out for the second buffet; and then we joined Tim’s birthday dinner party for an hour or so before wishing him a good night and getting back to work.  The food, birthday fun, and chat time with Tim and Rowen was collectively the highlight of my day, but then I don’t have a shiny Corvette in our driveway; and I’ll guess that Rowen made sure that Tim had a much more entertaining rest of the night after they left the Inn.

By the way, there wasn’t a Quarry Lake adventure, and we aren’t camping tonight, but I’ll guess that Tim’s birthday budget was more than blown on the car and dinner; and we couldn’t exactly stay up late with a camping adventure tonight when football camp starts in the morning – no matter how great that would have been.

After we got back to work in the kitchen, it was tough to keep going for the rest of the evening, but I managed to do that – and have a bit of fun here and there too.  When we were finally ready to come home, I walked with Michael, Rebecca, and their parents; but didn’t stay for a visit at their house.  Michael and I cuddled for about ten minutes on his front porch; said our goodnights in a mostly non-verbal way; and then I came home while he went in with plans to get right to sleep.  I would have liked to do that, but had work to do first; and seriously needed some Jacuzzi time too.

I multi-tasked some of the work with the soak in the tub; took a break to do my hair and mostly get ready for cheerleading tryouts tomorrow; and then I got back to work once I was in bed with Mandy.  The family business to-do list took longer to finish than I’d hoped, but I didn’t have any major time phase energy in me tonight; so I didn’t go there.  The work that had to be done got finished; and I’ll have a bit extra to do tomorrow night – whenever I can get to that with everything else I have on the go tomorrow.  There isn’t anything important to add to my report for tonight, though, and I really need to get what sleep I can to be ready for those tryouts; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!