Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Cassie's Journal - August 4, 2016

Happy 16th Birthday, Denise!

I’m hoping that she’s having fun by now, and she is happy that she got her driver’s license this morning; but I wouldn’t say that her birthday party had been a lot of fun yet up to the point where Michael and I came back to town to work the dinner shift at the Inn.  That’s mostly because Denise, and her boyfriend, Luke Taylor, are both farm kids; and farms don’t stop running for family birthdays.  While Denise was able to play at Quarry Lake this afternoon along with a few friends; Michael and I were only out there during his afternoon break – and we spent most of the time helping out with the campground and dinner party set-up.  We were part of the volunteer crew, and while we had fun, it was also scorching hot out this afternoon; with the ‘feels like’ temperature soaring to one-fifteen.  That was too hot to be working that hard, but the tents needed to be set up; and so did the pavilion for the barbeque dinner.

Doing all of that work meant that we only had time for a cool-down swim before getting a ride back to town for our dinner shift – especially since we needed to stop at our homes to get cleaned up and changed before moving on to the Inn.  We knew that we were going to miss out on Denise’s birthday dinner and some of the fun at Quarry Lake, but we weren’t booked to work until close.  Unfortunately, the heat drove more customers indoors – though that’s good news for Jacob and Miranda.  That meant that they were short-handed, though; and Michael and I were drafted to stay until close – along with working harder than expected to keep up with the orders and non-stop clean-up and dishwashing.  For anyone reading this that has worked at the Inn – or some other restaurant – on a summer day as hot as this one; you know what it was like in the kitchen today.  For those of you who don’t have that experience – be glad of it! ;^)

To skip over that blast of too busy and way too hot; I’ll only ad d that everyone working there tonight simply got through those hours by gritting our teeth and focusing on getting each little job done and moving on until we were ready to close up for the night and escape.  Once we’d done that, Michael and I split up to hit the showers and get ready to head out to Quarry Lake again.  I’m writing this update while doing that – and did a quick email and computer check first while I was still in the shower.  I’m not taking my computer with me tonight, and while I hadn’t planned on doing that anyway, after the day we’ve had; I doubt it will be because Michael and I are too busy doing anything else other than sleeping in our tent.

Maybe that was why Miranda really needed us to stay until close tonight! ;^)

Seriously, though, we will try to catch the tail-end of the birthday campfire, but I doubt that we’ll last past midnight before crashing into nap mode.  Maybe I’ll be wrong about that, and I’d be happy with that too; but won’t hold my breath.  I do need to wrap this up and meet up with Michael, though; so let’s cover the rest of the news for the day.

Tai Chi by the river was fun; breakfast in the sunroom was quick and only mildly entertaining because some of us were more focused on work than anything else.  I helped Mom with chores after that; we worked in the office around the chores; and she did a Magi lesson with me because we actually had time to do that for a change.  Ethan and Ehlana, by the way, were at the lab all morning; so we could do that work and lesson on our own while Ehlana played with Dillon in the lab and Ethan did his own thing in the archives.  We had lunch ready by the time Violet and Dillon brought the twins home; I dealt with getting the tents and gear rounded up while waiting for Michael to be done at the Inn; and then we got a ride out to Quarry Lake with Jake and Stephanie.  They didn’t stay and play because it was too hot, though with everyone else out of the house all afternoon; they might have just been more interested in a different kind of hot for their afternoon break.  I shouldn’t go there, or I might decide that I’m not all that tired after all right now!

Moving along, while I haven’t heard all of the news from home while I’ve been at the campground and working at the Inn, I do know that Mom, Ethan, and Ehlana mostly had an indoor afternoon to stay cool except for one swim in the river that Mom supervised.  The twins are having a sleepover here while I’m gone; and Naomi and Aiden are happy to be spending the night with their best friends.  They’re also camping in the lounge, but if Naomi is going to try sneaking into Ethan’s sleeping bag again tonight; I won’t be here to witness that or take pictures.

That’s one more thing that I need to do before heading out – say goodnight to them; so I really need to get this done and move on.

The fun level in my life will hopefully kick up a few notches before Michael and I run out of steam tonight, but the party and camping news will have to wait for the next report while I go out and live it.  Flip the digital page in my future if you can’t wait to find out what happens, but that’s all I have for now; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!