Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Cassie's Journals have now come to an end with the start of the Magi Ascension storyline on June 15, 2018! Ethan and Ehlana will now be taking over the Heirs of the Magi daily updates as Cassie prepares to move on to college - and you can read all about her story by picking up a copy of Magi Ascension - Part One! Ethan's and Ehlana's roles in the Ascension of the Light is just beginning now too; so their journals will offer a different perspective on the events going on at home while Cassie is away at college!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Cassie's Journal - August 25, 2016

Take yesterday without the afternoon rain and evening baseball practice; and you pretty much have everything you need to know about my day.  Instead of baseball, I worked at the Inn until close; and saved the Magi-powered healing for my boyfriend until we got back to his house after that.  I had an afternoon break too; spent that time at the school watching Michael’s football camp and part of the game scrimmage; and then went back to work at the Inn nearly an hour before he was done with football for the day.

While I don’t have any other personal news, the football team was picked this morning; and the workouts today were all about getting ready for the game tomorrow night.  I’ll add more details about the team with the update tomorrow, but there weren’t any major surprises; and Jimmy Sheldon was the only Grade Nine guy to make the team this year.  From what I’ve seen this week; I’m predicting a really good season for our team.  They’re a lot better than a year ago; and could very easily be better than our championship team from two years ago.

After getting home, I pretty much repeated the tub time and family business work scenario from last night; including the time phase.  That has me wiped out again, and we’ll be having an even longer day tomorrow with the football game; so I’m not going to drag this out.  I will add that we’ll be out of town for that game, and we’ll have an especially-long day because Winfield Farms is a two-hour bus ride from here, depending on traffic; so we’ll have that trip home to look forward to after the game.  Add in all of the work for the band, football, and cheerleading gear that we’ll need to deal with here at home and at the game; and it is going to be a real challenge to handle everything – especially when this is a first for us with the marching band!

That all adds up to one very good reason for me to call it a night and get some sleep; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!