Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Cassie's Journal - August 14, 2016

I should begin this report with the news that Michael and I didn’t exactly fall asleep last night as early as I’d expected when writing my update last night.

That might have something to do with a bit of Magi Healing for two that had us both feeling much better not long after we got comfortable in the lounge, and while that worked out great for us at the time; the lack of sleep and extra use of power has caught up with me tonight.  The good news, though, is that we did have a lot of fun last night; so it was worth the cost to me!

We did eventually get around to some nap time; Tai Chi by the river was great; and then we were at Michael’s house for breakfast – mostly because Miranda needed us there with Jake and Stephanie now safely in New York again.  Rebecca was at the farm with Lucas last night after work too; so that was one more reason not to leave Jacob and Miranda alone and missing their kids.  I’m glad that Jake and Stephanie will be back to stay before Rebecca and Michael leave for college.  That’ll be a lot easier for Miranda than if they’d all be gone at the same time.

The gourmet breakfast was a bonus, but it was the time together that was really great; and I’m glad we were able to do that before getting to the rest of our busy day.  We walked to church with my family; the service and Sunday school were pretty good too; and then it was time to get to work at the Inn for the rest of the day.  I don’t think that the weather made any difference today for how many customers we had; and it was crazy at the Inn keeping up with the business while short-handed.  This is an annual event, so it isn’t new to Jacob and Miranda, but it is tougher this year because of the extra dining room space that’s being readied for when we have two chefs instead of one starting next May.  Without dragging out the details, I’ll simply report that we worked our tails off all day; Michael and I were among the group of worker bees that took fewer and shorter breaks to help keep up with everything; and we’re all pretty much wiped out now.

Okay, I’ll guess that everyone else that was working at the Inn tonight is sleeping as I write this, but I’ve been working in a time phase tonight; so I won’t be far behind them with getting around to the napping part of my day.

We had a full house in here for lunch; and I’m sure we were closer to two and a half buffet sittings than two; since there were customers waiting in line for tables most of the evening.  We still managed to get the Inn closed by ten-thirty or so; and then I came straight home with just a micro-stop to say goodnight to Michael, Rebecca, and their parents.  Mom, Dad, and the twins were all in bed already by the time I got back; mostly because we do have an early start to the day coming up in not very many hours.  For Dad, that’ll be heading to Crystal Springs for his work week in the city.  The rest of us will be heading out on our fifth-annual amusement park adventure.

I’ll write more bout that over the next two days, but should mention tonight that we aren’t going to have a very large group with us this year – just Mom, the twins, Naomi, and Aiden with me; and Michael’s parents, Rebecca, and Lucas with him.  Rowen and Tim aren’t going this year; Dad opted for his week in the city this week instead of changing it up and working there next week instead; and our aunts and uncles decided to skip it this year too.  Rowen and Tim aren’t coming because Tim needs to help out with work instead, and while I’m going to miss having them along; that is happening more and more as we get older.  They will always be our best friends, though; and there’s nothing wrong with having our own lives – even if that we sometimes don’t get to have fun together.

Once I was up here in my room, I needed to pack for the trip; I multi-tasked that while spending some time in my Jacuzzi; and I also got started on some family business work that needed to get finished.  I had most of that done by the time I got out of the tub; finished the family business jobs shortly after getting into bed with Mandy; and then I spent a bit of extra time on my computer and email checks.  That was mostly to do a full check at Hathorne Industries ahead of our trip, but there aren’t any hints that we have anything to worry about while we’re away; so I don’t expect to have any problems with the Hathornes at the amusement park.

That would be ironic if we did; but I digress. ;^)

The work is done now; all of my favorite collegians have checked in and are either safely back at school or still in transit for various reasons; and Grandma and Grandpa are having fun with their work and play travel adventure.  I don’t have anything else to add, and while the time phasing will still allow me to get to sleep before midnight, I really do need to make up for that power drain by getting to the napping while I can; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!