Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Cassie's Journal - May 31, 2016

This last update of May is not going to be very exciting because I’m out of steam; and need to crash into nap mode for a while.

The post-holiday weekend Tai Chi and breakfast was really quiet by comparison to the last few days – no surprise there.  Life is returning to normal around here; with everyone heading back to work and school.  Final exams are the name of the game at school, since they start next Monday; and that was the only real change in my schedule for Tuesday.  We didn’t have concert band practice; Michael, Rowen, and I replaced it with an exam study session at the school with some of our classmates while we waited for marching band practice; and then we had fun with that practice because we also put getting ready for the Fourth of July parade at the top of our to-do list – though some of us still had to deal with the business end of things for the fundraisers.  That’ll include another booth at the park for that holiday weekend; and it should be another good month for the fruit and vegetable boxes sales; so I also already know that it’s going to be another very busy work weekend for me!

The music for the Fourth of July parade is much more festive, so that made the practice more fun, but Jenny, Rebecca, and the rest of the color guard are able to have even more fun because they’ll be able to do more for this parade – some actual flag-twirling routines that will add a lot to the entertainment side of our band.  They have been working on that for a while; but getting ready for our first parade had been the priority before this week.  Once we were finished at the school, Michael and I moved on to our teen praise team practice.  Music for that service is more festive and upbeat too, and while we never venture too far toward the cutting-edge of Christian music; we do get to pick songs that are appropriate for teens – and freshen up old hymn favorites too.  I really do love all of the music time in my life, but it can also be exhausting to keep up with everything; and today was one of those times.

When we headed home from the church, Michael and I still had some exam-related study homework to get finished; we did that at his house; and then had a bit of quiet time in his living room before I came home that included just a tiny bit of making out.  That did slow me down for getting started on my bedtime computing, but we were overdue; and it was one of the best cameo moments of my day – if not nearly enough alone time for us to catch up after a weekend with almost no Michael and me time at all.

Somehow, this update is dragging out beyond the little blurb I’d planned on writing tonight, but while I don’t really need to add anything about the hours of family business work and language studies; I should mention that the countdown to Isabelle and Andrew’s wedding is on; so Violet and Dillon are spending all of their extra time on helping out with that.  They didn’t get home until around one o’clock; I took a short break to get the wedding update from Violet; and then they headed for bed while I got back to work.  The breakfast and bedtime interaction with them is great, but it still feels as though we’re living in two different worlds right now; and only have those passing moments where our lives intersect before we move on again.

I could say the same thing about my parents, sister, and brother right now too, but I really have had enough for today; so let’s not go there.  It’s been fun and too busy; I’ll have more of the same every day for the next week and a half; and that’s all for tonight; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!