Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cassie's Journal - June 18, 2016

Happy 21st Birthday, Violet!

Her birthday breakfast here was a bit wild, but that was our chance to celebrate with her before she and Dillon headed for Woodvale.  They’re staying there overnight; and will be back here in time for the late buffet at the Inn so that they can spend most of today and half of Father’s Day with her family.  That’ll be a lot of traveling for them, but will be fun the rest of the non-driving time; and I’m glad that they can do that while I’ve been busy around here with chores all day.

Before I get to that, though; let’s back up and do a quick review of the campfire and camping adventure last night.  Michael made it here not long after I wrapped up the last update and went outside again.  The usual campfire highlights kept us entertained – including the stories and music; and one swim in the river to cool off for about half of us.  With a busy day booked for Saturday, we wrapped up the campfire at a bit after eleven o’clock; got the younger kids ready for bed and into their sleeping bags; and then the teens mostly hung out by the river or on the dock and we talked for nearly an hour while waiting for the least-sleepy kids to finally crash into nap mode for the night.  Michael and I didn’t get to have any alone time with that, but we did have fun talking with Rowen, Tim, Rebecca, and Lucas before we were ready to get some sleep too.

I can add a bit of tween news to this part of my report too; though I wouldn’t dream of saying anything to the participants in this newly budding little teen drama.  Jessica has got her sights set on Patrick, and now that she’ll be going into Grade Seven in September; he’s apparently noticed that she’s a very pretty twelve-year old.

Is it just me, or do guys suddenly seem to notice things like that more often when girls are in swimsuits, shorts, and tees – particularly at that age; and at the start of summer? ;^)

I am not the only person to notice the changes going on between Jessica and Patrick, since I caught Rowen smiling a few times while watching her brother anytime he was close to Jessica or watching her; but she didn’t say anything either – including to me when we were in our tent and alone except for our sleeping junior camper buddies.  It’s just a matter of time for Jessica and Patrick now, and I would not be surprised to see them at least semi-officially a couple by the Fourth of July holiday.  Stayed tuned; and I’ll keep you posted as the story develops.  Before I move on, though; yes, I’ll be okay with Patrick moving on from his crush on me.  It happens to all of us; and would be pretty awful if we couldn’t move on from our first crushes.  Sure, I had a younger brother of my crush to fall in love with, and Aunt Leanne was still available once Uncle Adam caught up to her, but we’re exceptions; and you know what I mean. ;^)

Moving along, I had one wake-up call overnight that required a trip into the house followed by some quiet girl chat time; so I didn’t get a lot of sleep.  Morning Tai Chi was great with the bonus exercise buddies that included Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanne; and then we had a major breakfast to prepare that was thankfully helped with all of the donations.  That meal and birthday celebration was outdoors; we had a blast doing that with everyone; and it was a lot of work for those of us on the cooking and clean-up crews.  Add in the kid control; and it was non-stop action pretty much from the end of Tai Chi until kids and teens started packing up and heading home – or getting picked up by parents or other relatives.  Violet and Dillon left shortly after eating because they wanted to be in Woodvale as soon as possible, but while I joke about them missing out on all of the work; Violet would have had a get out of work free card for her birthday anyway.

I didn’t have one, though, so once the breakfast clean-up was finished; I moved on to cleaning up the campground and getting all of our own gear put away.  After that, it was time to get started on the chores.  By then, Michael, Tim, and Rowen were all off to work or elsewhere too; so it was just Dad and me for that while Mom kept Ethan and Ehlana entertained with some indoor chores that they helped with while doing relevant Magi lessons to help with their work.  Too bad Dad and I couldn’t do our yard work that way.  We’d have been finished in no-time – or nearly so with a time phase.  Instead, it was an all-day job.  We took three short swim breaks including the one we had when we stopped for lunch; but it was all work the rest of the time until I needed to grab a shower and get ready for my ball game at six o’clock.

By the time I was ready to go, I only had time to grab a hamburger to go before going with Rowen to the school ball diamond.  She was sent with food too; though that was mostly because Mom found out that her dinner had been a Pop Tart.  I didn’t see the problem with that, since it was a blueberry Pop Tart instead of one of the various chocolate types; but Moms are like that sometimes!

Our team was up against Connor’s Comets this week, and while we have friends on the other teams; I’ve decided that the team rosters didn’t exactly turn out fair this year.  Sure, there aren’t a lot of changes to the last team I played on with Carolyn; but more of our players have grown up to be some of the best athletes at our school; and that’s showing up on the scoreboard.  Twelve-to-eight was a closer score than in our first game, but it wasn’t that close; and three of the Comets’ runs came in the last inning – and were nowhere near enough to have us worried about losing – especially when two of those runs came with two outs on a really good hit.

I haven’t mentioned Michael much yet, so I’ll back up just a bit and mention that he did come over for part of his afternoon break – and that was my last swim break from the chores too.  He worked the dinner shift too, though; so he couldn’t come to watch our game.  Mom and Dad stopped by with Ethan, Ehlana, Naomi, and Aiden and watched about half of the game, but they didn’t come right away while busy having a late dinner; and then Dad wanted to get home so he could work in the office.  They left when we were ahead nine-to-three; and we were on cruise control for the rest of the game anyway.  Michael came over after he was finished at the Inn; and got here in time to help me with getting Ethan and Ehlana tucked in for the night.

They were ready to crash by then because they’d already had a long day by the time they got home from the school; and had a bit more bonus fun when Rowen and I brought some of our team mates back with us for a celebration swim – after stopping at the Emporium for frozen treats.  Some boyfriends – including Tim – were along for the swim; but we didn’t make a big event of that because most of us had other plans for the rest of the night.  Everyone except Rowen and Tim were gone by the time Michael got to the house; and then left after just a short chat with him that included Tim razzing him about missing out on the girls in swimsuits fun.

Michael didn’t totally miss out on that, but we didn’t go swimming; and you don’t need any additional details!

After Rowen and Tim left, Michael and I had a chat with Mom and Dad in the office; took care of getting Ethan and Ehlana into bed with some guy and girl chat time; and then we came up to the lounge to watch a movie that we didn’t really end up watching.  A sofa sleepover was very tempting, but since it is Father’s Day – right now as I’m writing this; we decided not to do that so he could be home in the morning.  We did have fun with that bit of make-out time, though; so we were both fairly happy campers when he went home at midnight.  Mom and Dad were calling it a night then too, but we only took time for a quick round of hugs and kisses – and an early “Happy Father’s Day” wish for Dad before we split up to go to our own rooms.  Even though we’d had the swim after baseball, I still felt the need to at least have a shower; so I did that quickly; cheated with a time phase to get my hair done; and did a bit of family business multi-tasking with that for a job that came up in my email.

I had that and the rest of my bedtime computer checks finished by the time I got into bed with Mandy; so this is the last bit of computing I have left before calling it a night and getting some sleep.  I’ll need the down time, since I’ll be working the full shift at the Inn; and Miranda and Jacob are going with three buffets again for Father’s Day.  While breakfast at Michael’s will be better food in the morning, I’m going to be home for breakfast because I won’t see Dad much after that while I’m at the Inn and he’s busy with getting ready for his week in the city.  That won’t be very exciting for him, but we will have fun in the morning, and he’ll be going to the late buffet with the rest of our collective families; so it won’t be all work and no fun!  I’d add a note about Mom helping him with a fun, late-night start to his Father’s Day, but that’s more information than any of us needs to have; so I won’t go there tonight. ;^)

Cut it out – that’s my Mom and Dad in the sleeper berth on that train of thought you’re musing about right now!

I so wish I hadn’t mentioned that as I’m wrapping this up and getting ready to get some sleep!

Oh well, maybe I can start my own train of thought with Michael and me going along for that trip into dreamland instead.  Either way, it’s time to go back to the real world now and get some rest; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!