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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Cassie's Journal - June 29, 2016

This is going to be a short double-update because I’m tired and need some quality unconscious time.

Joshua’s birthday party was a blast, and Michael and I got to have some fun ahead of time while waiting for everyone to get there – after we were finished helping with the camp and party set-up.  We played hard; dinner was early so that those of us that needed to get back to town for band and praise team practices could do that; and then those practices were awesome too.  While there were only a few of us at both practices; Michael and I still made it back out to Quarry Lake in time for the campfire.  While there was some minimal parental supervision, we – the teens – were mostly left to have fun without any interventions required.  Michael and I handled most of the campfire music; the storytellers kept busy when we weren’t playing and singing; and we had some cameo moments from visitors that were usually entertaining – including when Jenny brought her lifeguard around for a visit  and to show him off to the girls.

I’m not actually joking about that last part; but let’s not take that line of thought any further.

We stayed around the campfire until one-thirty or so; had some more fun around the campsites after the fire was out; and eventually went to bed to get a nap before needing to get up again in the morning.  I’m sure you’re wondering whether there were some tent mate swaps; so I’m happy to report that there definitely were – and yes; Michael and I were among those campers lucky-enough to have co-ed cuddle buddies while having those naps! ;^)

There was a bit of quality make-out time going on before we got around to the napping; which is why we really didn’t get much sleep before waking up for sunrise Tai Chi by the lake.  That was amazing too; and we had a bit of an audience for most of our workout too.  We have so got to remember to bring a hat along for making breakfast money when we do that; since we got a round of applause for our efforts and could’ve make a few bucks along the way!

Okay, I’m only joking about that now; but it does feel like we’re putting on a show whenever that happens.

Breakfast was all easy-to-serve food and drinks; we needed to pack up our gear; and then some of us were able to play for another couple of hours before heading back to town or home.  Michael had to work the lunch shift, so we were back in time for that; I went home to deal with my laundry and some house work; and then I went to the lab with Mom, Ethan, and Ehlana after lunch so that I could be there with Ethan in the archive while he played with his books and I worked on the family business using a time phase that let us both get a lot of work done.  I worked the dinner to close shift at the Inn after that; had a bit of wind down time with Michael at his house after we were done work; and now I’m in bed and ready to crash once I have this report finished.

I’m skipping a lot of the details, but all that matters for posterity is that I’ve had a really great couple of days playing with Michael and our friends; and now I’ll be heading into a couple of work days to finish getting ready for the long weekend.  Getting the extra sleep will make keeping up with that work a lot easier, and that’s all of the news I’m going to write about tonight anyway; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!