Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Cassie's Journal - June 17, 2016

We’re about to start our campfire; and will be following that u with our first camping adventure of the summer holidays; so this is going to be a short update with the details for the rest of our night coming with tomorrow’s report.

Our school day was all about playing and having parties today; we had shortened periods and home room parties at lunch that were outdoor picnics for nearly all of the grades.  That all added up to our usual last-day early release, and while Michael had to work the dinner shift at the Inn; we had time to hang out with Rowen and Tim for a while before he needed to go there.

Ethan and Ehlana launched the camping adventure suggestion, and to make a long story short; we’ve ended up with quite a gang at our house.  Michael, Rowen, and Tim signed up right away; Naomi and Aiden were happy to join in; and then we started adding relatives and cousins as we went along – including Patrick, Scott, and Lindsay; Jessica, Ryan, and Sophia; and Rebecca and Lucas.  With all of that going on too, I was kept busy setting up tents and getting everything ready for a semi-major camping event in our back yard.  Mom had some things to do for that too; but didn’t have to go on a major shopping trip or anything because all kids and teens came along with donations of food, snacks, and drinks to help out with dinner for anyone arriving that early through to breakfast foods that’ll make for a potluck meal for us in the morning.  Dad did stop for cases of drinks and bonus snacks on his way home – along with some extra adult beverages in case the parents and grandparents needed them; but that was mostly because we were hosting the Friday night dinner anyway.

Michael went to work at the Inn on time, and Rebecca was working too; but Miranda wasn’t expecting a too-busy night at the Inn thanks to the weather that was perfect for barbeques instead of celebrating the escape from school for the summer with dinner out at the Inn instead.  I had more fun than he did for sure because I was on kid control along with being in charge of the campsite set-up; and that meant a lot of playing and swimming.

By the way, while I’m thinking about swimming and through that the canoes tied up to the dock right now; you may have noticed that I’ve barely mentioned canoeing at all in my journal this spring.  There have been canoe trips and they are being used – just not by me.  Add that to the list of things I should do and haven’t had time for with everything else I have on the go!

I do have that campfire to get to, though, so let’s wrap this up instead of wandering off with every stray thought! ;^)

Okay, the pre-dinner play and swim time was great; I took care of Brianna during dinner and the two of us had a great time while hanging out with Rowen and some of the other girls.  I’m not including Tim in that, though he was there too.  He was busy with the boys; and a bit scary as he helped them out with learning the finer points of important guy things like burping contests and all of those other little games that toddler and tween boys think are so impressive.  Yes, Tim has outgrown those things; but he was strictly going there as any good teen mentor will do for the younger boys.

Yeah – Rowen and I didn’t buy it either; but had fun anyway.

After dinner, it was time for a trip to the park.  Biking was involved for some of us; the rest of our group was either at the playground or ball diamonds to watch some baseball; and jumping into the river to cool off was an option too.  Brianna and I went for a swim together while we were at the park; and she is going to be a fish when she gets a bit older.  We had to play normal in public, but she can swim already; and absolutely loves the water!  Maybe that doesn’t sound remarkable, but keep in mind that the water hasn’t been warm enough for very long to go swimming; and she was a bit young last summer for learning to swim – as if that isn’t true this summer too.

There I go wandering off again.  Maybe I should skip the campfire and have a nap – not.

We haven’t been home from the park for very long, but it took a while to get here for some of us because we made stops to pick up other kids, overnight bags, or even just walk parents home so they’d get there safely before starting their kid-free night.  We – the teens in charge of the camping tonight – still have adult support for the campfire, but then we’ll be on our own with some help from junior camp assistants like Jessica and Lindsay.  Patrick and Scott might be helpful too; but that remains to be seen for sure.  Yes, they do have junior campers in the tent with them; but we’ll see whether they help or just get their little buddies for the night wound up and ready to party all night.

That thought definitely has me thinking that it’s time to get to the campfire to try and keep that from happening.  You can flip the digital page in my future to find out how that – and the campfire and camping – goes for me, but I need to go a have fun living it; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!