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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Cassie's Journal - June 25, 2016

It’s been a beautiful weather day, but rain and thunderstorms are on the way; and we could be in for a wet night and Sunday.

That’ll give you a hint that this update is coming earlier than usual; and that’s because I’m about to head over to Michael’s house to hang out with him – and with Rowen, Tim, Rebecca, and Lucas.  A sofa sleepover might be an option; so I’m writing this now in case that happens!

Okay, the odds are pretty good, or I wouldn’t be doing this now; but admitting that in advance makes it much tougher to claim that we didn’t accidentally fall asleep later! ;^)

Tai Chi by the river this morning was great, and while Michael had to be at the Inn for the breakfast shift; we were glad to have Dad home with us again.  Silkie had fun out there with us too; and that was a fun little addition to our morning routine too.  Breakfast in the sunroom was good, and I was glad to spend that time talking with Violet and Dillon; but then it was time to get to work – and we did that for the rest of the day through until I needed to get to the Inn to help with the dinner shift.  Feel free to look back in my journal if you really want the usual list of chores that get done in time for the holiday weekend, but I won’t bore you with more details except to add that we do have a git of extra work now that we have the big patio and extra sidewalk areas to clean too.  We are pretty much ready to go now, though; so all I’ll have left to do sometime later next week is another round of lawn mowing and gardening so that we won’t need to do any of that on the holiday weekend.

Next up was the work shift at the Inn, and it was hot in the kitchen today!  That had nothing to do with hanging around with Michael until he headed for the park and his ballgame, though with a sofa sleepover on my mind; you can’t blame me for going there with that thought! ;^)

I had fun while I worked, and while I missed Michael’s game; his team won again – this time with a fifteen-to-six victory over the Grocery Ghouls.  There wasn’t really time to even think about baseball during the dinner rush; and I ended up staying until close because we were just that busy despite the hot, sunny weather.  With that to go by, Miranda expects we’ll be really busy tomorrow too – especially if it rains a lot and the campers come to town for something to do while it’s wet out.

We’ll see what happens with that, but let’s wrap this up so I can get over to Michael’s house for our teen time – and that not-really-for-sure sofa sleepover. ;^)

Michael’s came was over before we were done work, and he stopped in at the Inn; but wasn’t allowed to stay because he was a bit on the dusty and dirty side – even after the jump in the river.  He went home instead to get things set up for us – and grab a shower; and I came home for the same reason – to shower and get changed.  Rowen was at the game, and has been hanging out with Tim since then; but I won’t be able to get the update on them until I get over to Michael’s house.  I can report that Mom, Dad, Ethan and Ehlana went over to Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanne’s house for dinner – along with some other friends and family; and they stayed for a while to play until Dad wanted to get home and do some office work before going to bed early.  No, manual labor around the yard is not too tough for Dad just because he’s a lawyer; but I can’t exactly suggest that anyway if I’m going to use that tough work day excuse to justify the non-planned sofa sleepover that Michael and I might – will – have later tonight.  I did get some of that update before coming up to my room for the shower, and while Violet and Dillon are out; I did hear that they’re hanging out with some friends tonight – possibly including Jake and Stephanie by now.

Now that the work is out of the way for the day, we don’t have a lot of time left for fun; but we’ll make the best of the time we do have.  That’s already starting without me, and I really want to get there and join in on the fun; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!