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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Cassie's Journal - December 2, 2016

Happy 17th Birthday, Rebecca!  Happy 2nd Birthday, Caleb!

It has been one of those crazy-busy days!

This morning, it was too cold out for Tai Chi by the river; so we were indoors for that workout.  Michael came over for that; and then we had breakfast at the Inn so that Jacob and Miranda could at least spend a bit of time with Rebecca for her birthday – and have a mini-party for her then.  Lucas came into town early for that; and there were a few other guests; but it was also a fast blast of fun before the kids and teens needed to get to school and the adults had to go to work – if they didn’t leave early to do that before we went to school.

We had fun in our classes; there was another mini-birthday party for Rebecca at lunch; and then we only had time for quick trips home or to do something else before we needed to be back at the school to load up the buses for the trip to Pinehurst for their Christmas parade.  Rebecca’s birthday dinner consisted of food booth fries and some other treats; and we actually had time to spare because we didn’t need to set up a trailer this year for our concert band.  The skies were clear and star-lit tonight, but it was around freezing by the time the parade started – and we had time to wait because we were placed about half-way in – and the parade this year was bigger and better than ever.  That wait was fun, since we did get to talk with our friends and Michael and I stayed close to keep warm; but the parade really was awesome.  The Disney Christmas songs were a hit with the crowds that lined the streets; and we had some surprise bonuses that we didn’t even know about until they were sprung on us – like the glow-in-the-dark decorations we were all given to really put a Christmassy glow on our band.  That was particularly true for the color guard; and it was pretty cool to see them twirling flags and everything else they do when they could create glowing patterns as they twirled and spun.

I had some bonus fun thanks to having quite a few members of my family there for the parade – with the main reason for that being Caleb’s birthday.  Our family took him to the parade as part of his birthday entertainment; and then the kids got to see Santa too before heading home.  Michael and I got to see that, since our last surprise was an hour of free time to hang out at the post-parade festivities before we headed home again; and we were also given coupon books for treats and a few games to help us with keeping entertained.  Rebecca and Lucas spent that time with other friends, but Rowen and Tim hung out with us – even though they might have had more fun with other friends too instead of hanging out with the parents and kids in my family.

While we had a blast in Pinehurst; I was getting tired by the time we got back to town; unloaded the buses; put everything away; and came home.  I brought Michael with me so that we could have some cuddle time in the lounge; but he couldn’t stay for long because he’s working the breakfast buffet shit; and I’ll be at that buffet with all of the other shoppers for the Kids’ Christmas shopping trip to Crystal Springs.  We had a visit with Mom and Dad in the office on the way up to the lounge; stopped by for two shorter visits with the twins; and then put a Christmas show on that we didn’t watch while cuddling and having a minor make-out session.

Michael went home at a bit after midnight; I’ve been doing a bit of work and computing since getting into bed with Mandy; and now it’s time to crash and nap for a few hours before it’ll be time to get up and going again.

Before I do that; my pick for the Christmas music video for today is one of the songs we were playing tonight with the band – or part of it; since it was part of a Muppet Christmas Carol montage.  These songs also always bring back happy memories for me; and The Muppet Christmas Carol will always be one of my favorite Christmas movies!

Let’s hope that happens for all of us this Christmas season!

Until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!