Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cassie's Journal - December 13, 2016

It got cold overnight; didn’t warm up much today; and the only real weather impact on my day was the very chilly marching band practice that we really need to have outdoors as many times as we can ahead of our big trip in February.

Music seemed to be the only thing I was doing for most of the day; though Michael and I did have some classes that we attended between the practices with the younger kids and tweens that we’re working with this year.  We are having a lot of fun this week, though; so it’s worth the bit of extra work we need to do to make up for those missed classes and time we don’t get to have in class for our assignments.

I’ve skipped the morning news, but then there really isn’t much to write about anyway.  Tai Chi indoors was good thanks to the pushing hands workout with Michael; breakfast was standard school day fare; and we had a short video chat with Dad that was mostly about a kids versus the parents battle over Mom going to the city for a sleepover despite the fact that she’s too busy for that this week.  We – the kids – won that fight, but while we’d have been okay with Mom going there today; she isn’t doing that until tomorrow because the Christmas dinner visit with the Malloys is tomorrow evening; and Mom wouldn’t stay in the city for two nights.

Okay, that does sound like news for the morning, but that wasn’t confirmed until later; so it’s technically news for this afternoon – and I wasn’t even around when Mom finally caved in thanks to an afternoon of twin badgering. ;^)

Moving along, our concert band practice was all Christmas while we got ready for our little part in the pageant and the seniors’ Christmas party.  I had fundraising work to do between band practices, so I ate on the fly; and dealt with the fruit and vegetable boxes orders that will be arriving this Friday because we’re all too busy to do that work next week when we’d be just two days from Christmas.  The Christmas ornaments fundraiser is now done; we sold out; and hit our goal for that little blast of holiday fun.  Our sales for the fruit and vegetable boxes will be lighter this month than last; but we do have more local orders for families needing the extra food for holiday weekend guests even if we are losing the chance to sell many orders to visitors.  There’s only going to be one more month for that fundraiser too, and I don’t expect the order in January to be all that large; but we’re going to hit our fundraising target anyway; and there is a surprise coming via the family business that I won’t spoil ahead of time – even here in my journal.

The marching band practice was the exception for the Christmas music, since we needed to practice our Disney songs instead; but that was fun too – even while we were a bit frozen by the time we were done.

Get it?  We were Frozen!

Aren’t you glad that I’m not the family business comedian?

The cold did keep us from having an extremely-long practice, but those of us that needed to be at the church next were still late – and that was quite a few of us because we had a full, dress rehearsal for the Sunday night Christmas show.  That last, big practice always takes twice as long as the actual show will be this weekend; and that’s why it was heading toward eleven o’clock by the time Michael and I got home tonight.  We are ready for the show – even if some of our friends are stressing about it a bit; and I still think that it’s the little imperfections that make those moments most-special for everyone.

Michael and I needed to do our homework; we worked in the office while doing that so that Mom could take advantage of the time phase I used; and then she went to bed when Michael went home – without doing a Magi lesson with us – or with me.  Skipping it tonight worked for me because I still had a lot to get done on my family business work and studying – especially since I’ll be taking the holiday break from my language studies for sure; and hopefully be able to do a bit less on the family business front too – though that’s less likely to happen for me.  I used a time phase for that work and studying too; multi-tasked some Jacuzzi time at the start of that blast of busy; and had about an hour of ‘real time’ work to do once I’d finished everything that didn’t require being connected to the internet and our systems at the lab.

Looking ahead to tomorrow, my work day is now going to include babysitting the twins while Mom’s in the city; I’ll likely end up with Naomi and Aiden too; and may invite Rowen to stay overnight too – just because we’re overdue for a girls’ night sleepover.  Yes, we might invite the boys to hang out with us too – though Michael won’t be able to do that until after work at the Inn; but we’ll be good – and won’t keep them for the night too – no matter how tempting that is for all of us.

Yes, I’m a normal teen, and do sometimes want to take a walk on the wild and crazy side of life, but that really, really isn’t an option for a Magi Master; so it won’t happen.

I should get some sleep now to be ready for another busy day, though; so let’s get to the fun part of these holiday updates!  My Christmas music video pick for tonight is from another of the contestants on the Voice this season.  I’m sure that having a famous mother in the television and movie business is a big help when it comes to getting chances to perform songs for those shows or movies, but this teen has some talent; so I hope you have fun with this catchy little Christmas tune – even if the parts of the video with said Mom making out with the leading man might be weird for most teens! ;^)

I’m off to dreamland now while you’re being entertained; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!