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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Cassie's Journal - December 16, 2016

Congratulations, Violet and Dillon!

Details are still unavailable because Violet and Dillon are in Woodvale for the weekend, but word has reached us that they’re engaged as of sometime Friday afternoon; and that Dillon proposed to Violet while they were getting ready to hit the road for home after their last final exams of the fall semester were done.

I think that’s an awesome way to both celebrate the end of exams and get the holidays off to an amazing start; though I’ll also take a wild guess that their departure was delayed for a while due to a private celebration for which I don’t need the details! ;^)

For the record, no, we did not have advance warning of their engagement; though we knew they were meant to be together.  The Sight can’t be used for everything; and life might be just a bit boring if we knew everything before it was going to happen!

Boring isn’t a word I can use to describe my day – though it wasn’t getting engaged kind of exciting.  Michael and I spent the morning unloaded boxes of fruit and vegetables; we loaded up the truck with the order for the Maple Valley band members; and then moved on to get everything ready and over to the church for the seniors’ Christmas party.  We helped with the set-up there; grabbed a quick lunch; and then we had most of the concert band there with us to entertain the seniors both while they had their luncheon and for the party and dancing after they’d eaten.  The band didn’t play all of the time because there were other ‘acts’ – including Michael and me with another, requested duet.  Since I’m writing about that now anyway, that song is my Christmas music video pick for the day; and this version of the song is the one that Michael and I used to work up our duet harmonies and the guitar-piano arrangement.  I hope you like it as much as the seniors liked our version!

That party was a lot of fun, but we were busy the entire time too; and then we really needed to kick things up into high gear when it was time to pack up and head back to the school.  The band gear needed to be dealt with first; Michael and I needed to deal with our fruit and vegetable boxes deliveries for our own orders; and then we headed to the Inn to work the dinner to close shift.  In addition to the normal Friday business, Jacob and Miranda had quite a few Christmas dinner party reservations set up; and needed all of the help they could get to keep up with the extra customers.  While I always love working with Michael and his family, it was a tough night after an already-long day; so we were both getting tired out by the time Michael came home with me after we finished getting the Inn cleaned and set up for breakfast on Saturday.

Dad had been home for a while by then, but he was tired too; so we only had a visit with him and Mom for a half-hour or so before heading up to the lounge with Ethan and Ehlana to watch a Christmas movie before they needed to go to bed.  I had a couple of little naps while doing that with them and cuddling with Michael; he and I took care of getting Ethan and Ehlana tucked in for the night after that show; and then we had a bit more cuddle time after that in the lounge again before Michael headed home shortly before midnight.  He needed to do that because we’re both working the breakfast shift at the Inn; and need to get the sleep to be ready for a work and chores day that, for me, is going to include a lot of holiday weekend prep work chores around here between the breakfast and dinner shifts that I’m booked to work at the Inn.  Add in another Saturday night of babysitting while parents go out to dinner and the Christmas party at Sheldon’s; and I’m going to have back-to-back busy days.

I wasn’t able to go right off to sleep after Michael left because some family business work needed to be dealt with once I was changed and in bed with Mandy – and then there were the emails with what few details I have so far about the big engagement.  The real fun for that with Violet and Dillon will need to wait until they get home on Monday; so I’ll keep you posted on that as more news comes out.  For now, I really just need to head into nap mode, so enjoy the music video pick while I do that; and then flip the digital page to find out what happens next while I have to wait to go out and live that next day in my personal adventures of a teen Magi Master!

Until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!