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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Cassie's Journal - May 4, 2016

I am so tired!

Tai Chi by the river; breakfast in the sunroom; and the rest of my morning before going to school was completely normal and uneventful.  Our mid-week school day was pretty good; and some outdoor time helped to make for a fun day; but I won’t pretend in my journal that the Grade Ten work was at all exciting – even if I have to do that every day in those classes.

I went home with Jessica after school to do her next saxophone lesson, and while that was fun; the extra activity is compressing what I have time for between the end of my school day and the start of my after-dinner baseball practice.  The two added activities on my schedule replace my part-time job work night too; which has a lot to do with why I’m running on empty as I write this – hours later than has been normal on Wednesday nights.  After the music lesson; I came home and did my homework; helped with making dinner; had that meal with my family; and then we all headed for the park or school once the clean-up was finished.

My practice is at the school; Mom and Dad have theirs at the park; and Michael and Tim have their team practice at the park too.  Rowen’s on my team too, and that’s awesome for us; but it’s great to be back on the same team with some of our favorite older teens too – like Rebecca and Carolyn Landry.  We have Coach Sarah again this season; and we’ll see whether she’ll take a break next year once Carolyn is at college.  She might need to do that if she has to travel to see Carolyn play college sports – which Carolyn wants to do more than she wants to get a degree in anything while away at school.  Our first practice went really well, and one thing that’s different this season is that the youngest and oldest players are much more closely matched than in the twelve-to-fourteen division.  Sure, there is still some height and body type differences; bet we are all at or near what our adult sizes will be; and reaching our peak teen athletic levels.  For our players; that means that we’re going to have a very good team and season.

I’m not looking into the future for that; it’s just obvious that we’ve got a very talented group of girls on our team.

Since we didn’t have to give up the diamond for another practice after our practice; we worked until near-dark.  Michael and Tim were done earlier than we were, so they met up with us at the school diamond; and Michael walked me home while Rowen went home with Tim for a while.  Michael and I had a chat with Mom and Dad; wandered around the back yard to check out the patio and driveway progress so far; and then went and sat on a bench by the river for a while as we wound down from baseball.  I shouldn’t have done that too, since it put my work and studying even further behind than it already was; but the quiet cuddle time was nice – and I did need the break.

I also really needed a bath by then too, so after Michael left; it was time for some multi-tasking that involved my Jacuzzi and computer.  The tub time was mostly because Mandy and I don’t like being around me if I’m dirty and smelly; but the soak in the tub felt pretty good doo after our first ball practice.  I worked on my family business job while in the tub and for another two hours after that.  The language studies followed that; and then I wrapped up with the bedtime computing and a final email check before getting to this update.  I didn’t have another long time phase in me tonight; so the work and studying took longer than I’d have liked; but it is all done and I’m keeping caught up.

Michael and I have another busy day ahead of us on Thursday, and that’s going to be starting for me in just a couple of hours and change; so it’s time to wrap this up and go into nap mode.

Until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!