Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Cassie's Journal - May 22, 2016

The lede for this update is a bit weird for me; but apparently should have been part of my report yesterday.

According to Rowen, and quite a few of the other girls – and women – around town; I should have mentioned that Jake is even hotter now than he was when he and Stephanie left for Europe last August.  Okay, it’s probably more-fair to report that every girl and woman in town with a pulse has that opinion of Jake, including me, but I am over my little-girl crush on him now; so my perception is different.  I also found that sort of attention for Jake fairly amusing – especially when the girls didn’t seem nearly as interested in noticing that Stephanie is equally changed – and looked especially beautiful in a trendy, favorite sundress that she brought home from Europe.

Abby might need to do a bit of shopping with her suppliers to offer some of the clothing styles that Stephanie has in her new wardrobe, and if she does that; I’ll be happy to pick out some new outfits! ;^)

While my girlfriends wanted to talk about Jake’s hotness; the boys did not do the same for Stephanie – or at least they had the good sense not to do that while their girlfriends were around.  That seems incredibly unfair for them, but it’s a fact of life; and they’re used to the double standard.  Jake and Stephanie were among the most-wanted collegians to visit with at church because they’d been away for so long, but Violet and Dillon were popular too; and so were the rest of the students that had returned to town over the past week – including Josiah and Christina.  They got home earlier in the week, and were at the party last night at the Wingborough’s house; but I haven’t mentioned them before now because I haven’t spent any time with them yet.  I should mention that Christina is staying with Josiah at his house this summer, and while that isn’t a trend with the non-married couples their age; I am okay with the precedence my favorite collegians are setting for Michael and me – especially when we’re only a couple of years away from heading off to college too.

I’ve started this report closer to the middle of the news for today than the beginning; so let’s back up now and cover the early-morning news.

I was up early today and ready for Tai Chi before anyone else in the house; so I had time to put a pot of coffee on to brew and a bit of quiet time by the river that Michael joined me for before Mom, Dad, and the twins joined us for our Tai Chi workout.  That was fun, but then I needed to hurry up and get ready for the day so that I could get to Michael’s house in time for our first Sunday morning breakfast with Jake and Stephanie.  Violet and Dillon went with me for that; but they’d already been well on the way to getting ready for church by the time I got back inside again.  We don’t need to discuss how they managed to do that so quickly – or that I’m not the only one in the family with acute-enough hearing to know that the shower in ‘their’ bathroom was only used once this morning.

Jacob and Jake were both cooking special dishes for breakfast today, so we were at the best breakfast in town for sure; and Lucas was as happy to be there as Violet, Dillon, and I were.  Having the smaller group allowed us to have more fun with story time too – and none of the distractions we had yesterday with the extended family and so many friends figuratively or literally pulling Jake and Stephanie in a dozen directions.  The food was truly amazing, and if that meal was a taste of what to expect; everyone in town is going to benefit from Jake’s studies over the past school year.

While I’m thinking about studies, nobody is even mentioning Stephanie’s school year in Europe, since international business accounting studies are boring compared to studying with some really great chefs; but Stephanie’s education is going to be very helpful at the Inn, ValleyView Furniture, and especially with our family business.

Moving along, Michael and I were on the work crew for the post-breakfast clean-up, but we had extra help for that today; so it didn’t take long.  We were at church early-enough that Jake and Stephanie could begin the meet and greet with as many members of our congregation as possible.  Michael and I were out of the loop for that because we went to hang out with Rowen and Tim instead; and we were with our friends most of the time through the first part of the service and during Sunday school while we worked on a few things to get ready for the holiday weekend service instead of having a lesson.  All of that was fun, but when the service went a bit long; we needed to get straight to the Inn to help out with getting ready for the lunch rush.

Jake and Stephanie were told to stay for the meet and greet after the service, but Rebecca and Jenny came with us – as did most of the staff working the lunch shift.  I don’t actually have a lot to write about from my shift at the Inn, since the work doesn’t exactly change much; but having Jake and Stephanie back again does make life more fun there!  First up, Jake had fun teasing Michael at every opportunity – whether that was because Michael got to have all of the worst jobs or for other reasons including the frequent hugs and kisses I share with Michael while we work together.  The added dimensions of fun that Jake and Stephanie both bring to the Inn really does make a difference; and I’ve missed that a lot – even while we always have fun with Jacob and Miranda regardless of the mix of friends, family, and co-workers we have there at any given time.

Michael and I took our breaks, but we spent most of that time doing our weekend homework.  Exams start two weeks from tomorrow; so we’ll be working on that a lot between now and then – though it will be tougher this year with all of the extra things we have on the go.  We did get our assignments finished, and while that didn’t leave us with much of a chance to relax; we managed to keep going until we were done all of the work by ten o’clock.  I went home with Michael, but only long-enough for a bit of quiet time with him by the river while we wound down from the last big clean-up push; and then I came home to get started on my bedtime computing, studies, and family business work.

While I was at the Inn, I missed out on a lunchtime barbeque and afternoon family and friends play time, but Dad had a lot of work to get done too; so they had a quiet dinner and evening at home that included parents working in the office while Ethan and Ehlana studied for their college courses.  They were wrapping up for the night by then, and Violet and Dillon had gotten home from more wedding-related fun shortly before I did; so we had a bedtime snack and chat in the sunroom before heading up to our rooms for the night.  I took care of getting Ethan and Ehlana tucked in for the night since I didn’t get to spend much time with them today; and then I came up to my room and hopped into my Jacuzzi for a soak while multi-tasking the first part of my work in a time phase.

That allowed me to still be in bed by eleven-thirty, but I didn’t have enough left in me for more time phasing; so I worked as fast as I could to get everything else done at ‘normal’ Magi Master speed.  I would have liked to have the extra nap time instead, but the work needed to get done; and I also want to make sure that I have my language studies finished in time to take the summer off.  Keeping up with everything is exhausting, but I seem to be handling it better right now than I was back in January and February.  Maybe it’s because it isn’t winter or thanks to the fact that summer holidays are almost here, but whatever the reason; I’ll need to keep handling the long days for at least another three weeks.

Since the busy will be kicking up a handful of notches tomorrow and through the holiday weekend, I don’t need to drag this report out with my meandering thoughts; so I won’t do that.  It’s been a fun weekend even with all of the work, but it’s definitely time to get started on my nap now; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!