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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Cassie's Journal - May 28, 2016

My day started out with the early wake-up call; then I quickly got ready for the day; and then I met up with Michael at his house on the way to the Inn.  Our holiday weekend didn’t feel like a holiday at all as we got to work and started cooking breakfast for the hundreds of guests we expected to get at the buffet.  Since shopping was going to be a big part of the entertainment on Saturday; I wasn’t surprised that we had a full house for the buffet – especially when it wasn’t exactly sunny and warm this morning.

The good news is that we only had a spit or three of rain roll through this morning; and it’s been really nice for the rest of the day.  That worked out for me while I was doing my shift at the fundraiser booth at the park; but switching from working at the Inn to working the snack booth still meant that I was working – and not spending any time with my family.  I did get to see quite a few of our weekend guests – and Mom, Dad, and the twins too; but that was only when they stopped by the booth to pick up treats while playing at the park.  Due to a couple of volunteer cancellations, I ended up staying and working the booth until it was time to go back to the Inn and work the dinner rush, so other than a couple of quick breaks and a stop in at home to freshen up before going to work again; I pretty much kept busy through until the Inn closed at around ten-thirty.

The top news story for the dinner shift comes from Jenny; and it is a full-out teen drama event.  I feel bad to be writing about Peter Gallagher for the first time in a long time when it’s bad news for him, but he and Jenny haven’t been hanging out with us at all; so I just haven’t seen him around very much while they’ve been busy doing other things together.  Today was actually an example of that, since they were out at Quarry Lake this afternoon with some other friends – and had met out there so that Jenny could drive herself back to town in time for the dinner shift at the Inn.  This teen drama is all about Jenny.  I’ll cut through the double-speak, and just report that Jenny is in lust with one of the new lifeguards at Quarry Lake.  Evan Wilson is apparently the hottest guy Jenny has ever met, and she apparently ignored Peter from the moment she saw Evan.  Peter obviously wouldn’t have been happy about that; Jenny basically ignored his complaints; and fairly bluntly blew him off with a break-up that she apparently tried to rush along so she could get back to hanging out around Evan.

I love Jenny, but don’t like what she did to Peter today.  He wasn’t her match, but he’s a really great guy; cares a lot about Jenny; and didn’t deserve to get tossed aside like that – regardless of Jenny’s justifications for what she did.  Telling her any of that isn’t my business, and I’m not writing any of this to complain about her choices, since none of us are perfect; but I do think that Rebecca is going to talk with her because she feels the same way that I do.  It’s obvious that Jenny’s moved on from Peter, and it might be too late to fix things even if she hasn’t; but she should at least try to apologize for not dealing with the situation better.

While I feel for Peter, Jenny barely mentioned him; and had a surprising amount of information about Evan after only talking with him for a short while once she had her now ex-boyfriend out of the way.  Evan is a high school senior; he’ll be working at Quarry Lake for the summer; and is college-bound in August or September.  Whenever I eventually meet him, I’ll offer my own review on his ‘hot’ factor; though I have no doubt he’ll be good-looking – especially if he really is so much hotter than Peter.  I can tell you that Jenny is planning on making a lot of trips to Quarry Lake this summer now; and won’t be surprised if some camping adventures are added in to the plan despite the fact that she isn’t all that big on camping anymore.

That, by the way, is something different around our house this weekend – a lack of cousins’ interest in camping.  We did have a campfire tonight that Michael and I joined along with his family and Lucas after we closed the Inn for the night, but for some reason; Chris, Martin, Jonathan, and the rest of our older cousins don’t want to pitch tents and camp in the back yard anymore.  Ethan and Ehlana would have done that with me, but gave me a break when they know I’m putting in so much time working this weekend.  I’m glad for that, but would have camped with them anyway if they’d really wanted to do that.  The campfire was a nice way to wind down the day, but it was time to call it a night by midnight when I was falling asleep while cuddling with Michael.

I came up to my room without even helping out with the post-campfire clean-up.  A shower was necessary before Mandy would let me sleep in our bed, so I did that; and was in bed by the time that Dawn and Violet stopped in for a very short goodnight chat.  The only computing I’ve done since they left was a quick email check before getting to this update.  I’m going to be even busier tomorrow with the work around here in the morning; the church service; and working the full, triple-buffet shift at the Inn.  That’ll mean another day without much family time; but maybe I’ll make up for that a bit on Monday before they all head home again.

Okay, probably not; but you never know – it could happen that way! ;^)

What can happen right now, though, is that I can wrap this up and head to sleep.  I can’t say this has been the most-fun holiday weekend ever so far after the first day, but that can’t happen every time anyway, and I’m at least getting to spend lots of time with Michael; so it isn’t all work and no fun.  That’ll be true tomorrow too, and more fun with every extra minute of nap time I can get; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!