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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cassie's Journal - May 11, 2016

The changes in the weather today might be the most newsworthy event around here today.  It’s been weird too, since we were outdoors for Tai Chi by the river; then Rowen and I – and most other students – got rained on while walking to school as a thunderstorm rolled through and dumped a fair bit of rain on us.  Then it was gone as quickly as it came; and we had sunshine for a while; followed by another round of thunderstorms in the afternoon that put on a good show; but didn’t dump much rain.  After that, it was clear skies again; which meant that baseball practices were on tonight.  Some of the early practices were done on the grass while the diamonds dried; but we didn’t have that problem for our practice.

We’ve had a pretty good day despite the rounds of bad weather.  Our school day was fun, if uneventful; I did another saxophone practice with Jessica after school; got my homework done after that and before dinner; and then enjoyed the easy-meal dinner with Mom, Dad, and the twins before we needed to clean up and head for the park or school for our practices.  Being back on a Carolyn Landry team is fairly intense compared to playing on Coach Claire’s squad.  I’m not suggesting that’s in a good or bad way – just that it’s different.  While I like to win as much as anyone; Carolyn wants to win on a different level; and she seriously hates to lose.  I almost feel sorry for the other teams this year! ;^)

Our second practice of the season was good, and Rowen and I managed to have fun even with the more serious nature of our practices.  I won’t say that for everyone, because Carolyn can be a force of nature while on the way to getting what she wants; but she is pushing all of us to get better – even those of us who need to hold back to play like ‘normal’ teens.

While I do like getting to play baseball with my friends, not getting to do my work and studying early on Wednesdays isn’t so great.  Dad’s in the same boat with me, though, so I worked in the office tonight once I got home from spending a bit of time with Michael after our practices.  We only sat out by the river at his house and talked for a half-hour or so, and he still had his homework to do after working the dinner shift ahead of his practice; so we kept that quiet little blast of fun short so that one of us still had a chance at an early bedtime.

That didn’t happen for me; though I’m not up as late as I would have been if I hadn’t used a time phase while working with Dad in the office.  Mom didn’t need to do that, so she took care of getting Ethan and Ehlana bathed and into bed; and then she enjoyed a soak in her Jacuzzi that conveniently ended at nearly the same time as Dad got his work done.  I still had a lot more to do, but I came up to my room then so that I could get cleaned up from my ball practice too while multi-tasking some of my language studies.  My soak in the Jacuzzi lasted a bit too long, but I felt better by the time I had my hair dry and crawled into bed with Mandy and my computer.  The work wasn’t done yet, but I didn’t have enough in me to try another time phase; so I just kept plugging away at my to-do list for tonight until I had everything finished.

Now that I have this update pretty much finished too, it’s time to get to the last item on my to-do list – getting some sleep!  It’s been fun, but I’ve had enough for today; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!