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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cassie's Journal - July 23, 2015

We’re about to get started on another campfire and camping adventure, with this one exclusively for the teen cousins and friends while the kids are elsewhere for the night – including Ethan and Ehlana.  I’m doing this update now instead of later because some tent mate swaps may be an option later, and if that happens; I’ll have better things to do than write journal reports while spending the night with Michael! ;^)

This has been a teen play day for us too, and when Mom advised Dawn, Jillian, and I that we were not going to be responsible for any of the junior cousin entertainment today; we decided on doing a biking trip to Quarry Lake.  By the time we hit the road, Rowen and Tim had joined us for the ride; and Michael, Rebecca, and some other teens were going to meet us out there for at least some of the time we were expecting to spend there before needing to be home for dinner and the camping fun that was still a work in progress at that point.

Jaimie, Kaitlyn, Kara, and Eddie weren’t thrilled about being excluded from our adventures today, but Mom, Aunt Grace, and Aunt Leanne did their best to make up for that with their own play day plans for all of the younger kids.  I love all of my cousins, but was ready for some teen time too; and we had a blast at Quarry Lake.  The rock climbing and zip line are the most popular teen activities at the campground, so even weekdays are busy; but it was easier to get some rock wall time slots today than it has been on any of our weekend visits so far.  While we had fun together and with some other friends, the highlight of my Quarry Lake time was when Michael and Rebecca were there during their afternoon break from the Inn – and Jake and Stephanie brought them out to the lake and stayed to play with us.

Our little biking group stayed a bit longer after they went back to the Inn, but that was mostly to extend our swim time before getting hot and sweaty again during the ride home.  By the time we got back to my house, the camping adventure had pretty much come together – at least for the guest list.  Rebecca, Lucas, Jenny, and Joel were the first to sign up after Michael, Tim, and Rowen; and Emma Norton and Kylie Roberts were added so that they could hang out with Dawn and Jillian for the night.  We’re going to have some extra teens at the campfire; but no other campers – mostly because Dawn and Jillian haven’t been making any love connections so far this summer.

By the way, while I’m thinking about that, and in case you’re wondering; Julian Sparks and Tommy Reynolds both have girlfriends this summer, so they aren’t available for renewing any romantic interests with Jillian or Dawn.  While that isn’t an issue for either Dawn or Tommy, from what I’ve seen the few times that I’ve been around Julian and Jillian so far this week; I’d say that there are still some sparks there between them – last name pun intended. ;^)

I’ll leave that there, since they are; and move this along so that I can wrap this up and get out to the campfire.  After getting back from Quarry Lake, we went for a cool-off swim; and then started setting up tents and rounding up the camping gear while Mom and Dad worked on making dinner with some help from Grandma and Grandpa.  We had the camp set up by the time the food was ready, and then some of us needed to eat quickly and get to baseball practices.  We didn’t have everyone with us for dinner.  Michael and Rebecca were still working at the Inn; Jenny and Joel were busy elsewhere; and Lucas, Emma, and Kylie didn’t come into town until Claire drove them here in time for our ball practice.  That practice went pretty well; we followed that up with yet another swim back here; and I’m writing this while getting changed and ready for the campfire and camping.

The rest of my report for today will need to wait until tomorrow night, and I’m pretty much ready to head outside now, so that’s it for this report; and, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!