Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

Cassie's Journals have now come to an end with the start of the Magi Ascension storyline on June 15, 2018! Ethan and Ehlana will now be taking over the Heirs of the Magi daily updates as Cassie prepares to move on to college - and you can read all about her story by picking up a copy of Magi Ascension - Part One! Ethan's and Ehlana's roles in the Ascension of the Light is just beginning now too; so their journals will offer a different perspective on the events going on at home while Cassie is away at college!

Happy reading this summer; and I hope that you enjoy this new 'chapter' in the Heirs of the Magi story!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cassie's Journal - July 16, 2015

Getting a decent night of rest was so much fun last night that I’m going to do it again tonight!

The main difference between yesterday and today is that most of my fun has revolved around all of the work I’ve been doing pretty much since we finished our Tai Chi workout by the river this morning.  Helping out on both sides of breakfast got the work-ball rolling; I followed that up with some chores around the house while also working on the family business in the office in between loads of laundry and other housework; and then I mowed the lawn for the last couple of hours of the morning and through until we stopped for lunch at a bit after one.  It was back indoors for more family business fun and housework for the afternoon; though Ethan, Ehlana, and I took a break to play and go for a swim with Michael while he was on his own afternoon break.  I helped Mom with our dinner meal for six that Violet and Dillon joined us for; missed the clean-up due to baseball practice; and then headed over to Michael’s house for a wedding work evening with about half of the wedding party members, Samantha, and some volunteer helpers.

Our job for the night was to start working on the gift cauldrons for the reception.  We spent two hours decorating and filling the cauldrons; boxing them when completed; and hauling those boxes up to one of the second-floor guest bedrooms.  While we could have worked later, getting the cauldrons finished was going to take a second work session anyway; so we stopped when we were about half-way done; and we’ll finish the rest of them sometime next week.

Michael wasn’t one of the members of the work crew tonight; but most of the guys managed to escape getting drafted for the crew.  Josiah and Dillon were two exceptions; and they likely wished that they’d had a way out too by the time that we all headed home or elsewhere at shortly after ten o’clock.  Next up for me was heading home, though Michael had just gotten home with his parents and Jake as we were wrapping up our work; so he came home with me for a while.  Mom decided to take that opportunity to do a last Magi lesson with us ahead of the cousins’ visit that will keep us from doing them for the next two weeks; Michael and I took care of getting Ethan and Ehlana into bed after that; and then we came up to the lounge for some quality make-out time for two that required a dash or three of time-phasing to fit into our schedule before Michael needed to head home.

He’s working the breakfast shift with his parents; so I’m not the only one interested in getting the extra sleep tonight.  Fortunately for both of us, wrapping up our day with that teen-rated play time has us nicely tired out; so sleep will not only be easy – we should also have some very happy dreams!

I’d like to get right to that now; and don’t have anything else to add from my micro version of the nightly computer and email checks; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!