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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Cassie's Journal - July 12, 2015

Two of my favorite words of the day are – sofa sleepover!

That’s why this update is coming to you on Monday morning instead of Sunday night; and why I need to keep it short; since I’m also multi-tasking it while having my shower and getting ready for the day.

Sunday was another scorcher here in Witch Falls.  That led to some bonus fun – like the heat-shortened church service; but also meant that helping out in the kitchen at the Inn was tough due to the extreme heat that the air conditioning had no chance of keeping up with while also keeping the dining room and guest rooms comfortable for the customers.  The heat did also mean extra breaks for everyone in the kitchen, but then that put extra stress on everyone to keep up with the work; so Miranda and Jacob were grateful for all of the extra help they could get – including mine.

While the work was tough; the spending time with Michael and his family was awesome.  Whether we were on the prep line, washing dishes, or taking breaks and hopping in the river to cool off; Michael and I had a lot of fun together.  Let’s not get silly and add it to the best-day-ever list; but it was pretty good!  My opinion on that isn’t very likely to be shared by the majority of the teens working with us at the Inn; but then their day didn’t end with a sofa sleepover with their respective boyfriend or girlfriend.

Mine did, and that’s because Michael came home with me after we finished up at the Inn.  We went for a cool down swim that Ethan and Ehlana joined us for; followed that up with a bedtime snack a visit with Mom and Dad in the office; we took care of getting my brother and sister tucked in for the night; and then we fell asleep on the sofa in the lounge within fifteen minutes of flopping onto the sofa together and getting comfortably cuddled close.

The next thing I remember is the wake-up call that Ehlana delivered to us so that we could see Dad off on his trip to the city.  We did that; helped with loading the truck; and then came back up to the lounge to continue our sofa sleepover until we needed to wake again to get going again for the day.  Ethan and Ehlana spent that time cuddling and napping with Mom in her room, but for some reason; Michael didn’t want us to join them for that when Ethan and Ehlana made the offer.  I was okay with having Michael to myself for that bonus cuddle time, and while we did sleep too; there was a minor make-out session that wouldn’t have been an option if we’d had extra cuddle buddies in the room with us.

I really need to get moving; so let’s wrap this up.  Michael and I didn’t need another wake-up call for Tai Chi.  He ran home to get changed for our workout while I put a pot of coffee on to brew for Mom.  Mom, Ethan, and Ehlana met me in the kitchen; Michael caught up with us again by the time we got to the river; and we had fun exercising together before Michael needed to get home again.  Mom’s cooking breakfast while I’m taking my turn to get ready for the day; I’ll be doing the clean-up; and then we’ll both need to get some work done around here before the Malloys get to town.

Though Dad’s stuck working in the city this week, Terry still needed to come here to continue working on the bridge project.  They’ll only be here for two days this time, but the more awesome news is that we’ll be heading for Crystal Springs and a five star sleepover tomorrow that will include having dinner with Dad and the Malloys.  We’re also going to be doing a lot of shopping that will include some wedding-related fun; so it’s definitely going to be a busy, awesome start to our week!

The work needs to come first, though, and I need to get to that; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!