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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cassie's Journal - July 17, 2015

The third floor has been taken over by girls for the next two weeks; and it’s been a lot of fun around here tonight as Violet and I have been catching up with Dawn and Jillian since we came up to bed at a bit after midnight.

Okay, there is one boy up here on the third floor with us, but Dillon was hanging out with Dad, Ethan, and Jayden earlier; and then pretty much hid in Violet’s room until she joined him once we’d wrapped up our girl chat time in my room.  By the way, I should really just start calling it ‘their’ room; but even though they’re either both here or at his house; I still think of their rooms as ‘his’ and ‘hers’ even though that isn’t really accurate anymore.

Moving along, let’s back up to the start of the day and do the full update.

Tai Chi by the river was for four today while Michael was at the Inn helping out with the breakfast rush.  While he was busy, my morning and early afternoon was all about yard work; and I got the rest of my weekend chores finished today so that Dad and I can both take tomorrow off!  The gardens are weeded and freshened up with some new flowers that Mom picked up from the garden center while doing her shopping; the walks, porches, and driveway are all swept or raked; the dock and benches are cleaned too; and I won’t bore you with the rest of the list of chores.

I had a break for lunch with Mom, Ethan, and Ehlana, and finished up my work in time to be set free for the rest of the day when Michael came over to hang out with me during his afternoon break.  That wasn’t really the end of the work for me today; but let’s not count the work on each side of dinner.  I was drafted for the prep line and clean-up crew; but spent the rest of the day playing with my family and friends – and enjoying yet another beautiful, hot summer day.

Since I’d been working all morning and after lunch, going for a swim with Michael, Ethan, and Ehlana was first on our to-do play list; we followed that up with a bike ride and playground fun at the park; and wrapped up Michael’s break time with an ice cream run to the Emporium.  Ethan, Ehlana, and I were home again when Uncle Rick, Aunt Melissa, Dawn, and Jillian arrived; and I helped Dawn and Jillian with getting their luggage up to their rooms while Mom helped Uncle Rick and Aunt Melissa was set free to go over to see Aunt Leanne, Zack, and Brianna.

We met up with her once that little blast of busy; Dawn and Jillian took turns holding Brianna; and then we were set free again for a little while until I needed to be back at home to help Mom, Grandma, and Grandpa with the cooking for dinner.  This time, we didn’t take Ethan and Ehlana along; and instead went for a bike ride around town that included a short visit to the new med center so that Jillian could see it and a visit to the park so that she could check out the new playground too.  Most of the hometown family came over to our house for dinner so that they could all spend some comparatively quiet time with Uncle Rick and Aunt Melissa.  I’m not including Dawn and Jillian in that; but only because we ended up having dinner by the river or on the dock with Ethan, Ehlana, Zack, and Leah because that’s what the kids wanted to do; and we were drafted to keep an eye on them.  Brianna was with us for a while too, but we didn’t keep her out by the river for too long because of the heat and lack of shade out on the dock.

After enjoying our barbeque dinner and cleaning up, we had a couple of play hours available while waiting for the rest of our incoming cousins.  We went back to the park with Ethan, Ehlana, Leah, and Zack to hang out at the playground; Michael met up with us there once he was set free from the Inn after the main dinner rush was finished; and then we were back at home again to go for a swim and cool off before Dad pulled in with Jaimie, Kaitlyn, and Jayden.  They’re actually staying with Aunt Grace and Uncle Mark this week, so we needed to haul their luggage over there; but everyone was still at our house then so Dad didn’t make the side-trip with the truck.

Their arrival was just the start of a busy hour or so as Kevin, Elaine, Scott, and Melanie all arrived together with their kids.  Kara, Eddie, and Nicole will be spending a week with us, but Robyn is only here for the weekend; and the four parents only changed the original travel plans for the kids so that they could all get to meet Brianna and join in on a couple of days of new baby in the family fun with Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanne.  They all got to spend at least a bit of time with Brianna tonight because she was awake for a lot of the time while we were hauling luggage around and doing the meet and greet thing with everyone; but we were all getting tired by then too; so it wasn’t long before we split up and headed for our respective homes for the night.

At our house, it was then time for the parents to have some chat time with Violet and Dillon.  Michael, Dawn, Jillian, and I joined them in the living room for some of that time, but we also took care of getting Ethan, Jayden, and Ehlana off to bed; and went for a late swim in the river shortly before Michael needed to head home for the night.  He and I were left on our own by the river for our goodnight hugs and kisses; though we did have some observers watching us – including at my house.  Once again, Michael and I didn’t end up having any alone time together, but it has still been a pretty good day; so I’ll just be happy about that and hope for at least a few opportunities to have Michael all to myself once or twice between now and the end of July – no matter how unlikely that seems to be right now.

I’ve already mentioned the girl chat time in my room, so I guess all that’s left is to mention that it’s mildly weird to have Violet and Dillon staying together next door to me while Uncle Rick and Aunt Melissa are staying in the room below mine tonight.  Violet and Dillon aren’t having an issue with it anymore; so I guess that they’ve fully crossed-over to that next level now.  It’s getting late, and I should be getting some sleep while I can instead of sitting up and pondering things like that – especially when it has me musing about sleepovers with Michael.

We’ve got a really busy weekend ahead, and I want to be ready for all of the fun, so that’s all for now; and, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!